best apps for the elderly

Who says only the young can be tech-savvy? With all the advancements being made in mobile technology, many companies around the globe have come up with ways to make life easier for seniors with just a tap of the finger. As the leading provider of retirement homes in Malta, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful apps for the elderly (and they’re all free, too).


Medicine Alert

Never forget to take your meds again with this handy little application. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much battery power either. Simply input all your pills and medications along with the times you’re supposed to take them, and let Medicine Alert do the rest. It also comes with an alarm function (which can be set at multiple times during the day) to remind you when exactly to take your medicine.


Red Panic Button

This app is a great tool in case of emergencies or sudden accidents. Set a “panic number” and send an SMS with a Google Maps link to your location, just by pressing the large red button. You can even send a Panic Email or a Twitter alert thanks to the latest updates.



It’s important to avoid straining the eyes too much as your body ages – which is where this innovative app comes in. Audible is great for book lovers with eye problems; it contains an immense library of over 200,000 audiobooks which cover every genre you can think of.


Oscar Senior

Featuring large print and big buttons, this app is designed to turn any device senior-friendly. Its functions are also programmed to enable family members to help their elderly relative remotely, from any distance. It allows one touch video calls, a reminders settings as well as the ability to track the user’s activity. There are many apps for the elderly, but if we had to choose just one from this list, Oscar Senior is a must have.



Fans of word puzzles will love this jewel among apps for the elderly. It features grid challenges which become more and more challenging as you climb up a level (of which there are 700 to date). It’s a great way to keep the mind active and entertained, which is important to maintain memory function and boost creativity.

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