CareMalta organised an event on the eve of ‘Imnarja Feast’ at Zejtun Home, one of the homes for the elderly that it operates. All the residents at Zejtun Home were welcomed to this special event along with a number of residents from the other 8 homes as well as residents from HILA homes, the disability sector within Vassallo Group. The company’s top management and other special guests including Renzo Degabriele (CEO) and Alexia Vella (Assistant Director) of Active Ageing and Community Care Directorate were present.

The reception area was completely transformed to display an interesting exhibition of fruit and vegetables along with a showcase of old farm equipment related to this feast. One of the residents at this home also displayed his personal collection of wooden handmade works.
The main event was held in the garden where an exhibition of animals was displayed all around for the residents to enjoy. Animals included sheep, goats, cows, peacocks, ducks, rabbits, tortoises, geese as well as a pony.

A number of gazebos were set up along with stalls for drinks, ice-cream and freshly cooked ‘imqaret’ apart from a ‘fenkata’ prepared for the local residents and finger food for all the guests along with live entertainment. A raffle was also organised with a number of hampers to be given out as prizes to the lucky winners.