CareMalta recently added two Zaren Vassallo Art (ZVART) pieces to its portfolio – a watercolour by Jacqueline Agius, entitled Zammit Clapp Hospital Residential Home, and Fix-Xatt ta’ Bormla, an acrylic on canvas by Wayne Pisani. Both works of art were unveiled in the span of a week.

Launched by the Vassallo Group to celebrate its 75th anniversary, the ZVART initiative has been very well received, with a number of commissioned art pieces yet to be unveiled by the group in a number of its properties until the end of this year.

So far, CareMalta has unveiled The Heart Giver, by Wallace Falzon, at its Mosta head office, The Red Pillar Box, by Jessica Debattista, at Casa Arkati, Nostalgia of Żejtun, by Joseph Baldacchino, at the Żejtun Home and Retrieved Nostalgia, by Diane Agius Calleja, at Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellieħa.

In a short address after the unveiling ceremony at Zammit Clapp, Agius said: “This is an honour for me, especially since I was born here, formerly the Blue Sisters Hospital. Every painting tells a story and this one tells mine.”

The watercolourist grew up in a creative family. Her father’s artistic influence activated a passion for architecture and a love for drawing and painting. In fact, she enjoys painting landscapes, with their wide, open spaces, the glittering sea and especially the warm stone buildings and churches standing proud against the skyline.

“For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolour make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. When my eyes are drawn to light dancing on a building, I immediately see a painting.”

Meanwhile, Fix-Xatt ta’ Bormla captures this old town’s lively and idyllic promenade, where something is going on all the time.

Pisani, a tattoo artist from Cospicua who mostly creates pencil drawings of human faces, said: “Art means everything to me. It makes me feel complete. Through art, I can fully express my emotions. I am so pleased that the residents at Bormla Home will be able to feel well just by looking at the portrait I’ve created for them.”

Those attending included Nazzareno Vassallo, chairman of the Vassallo Group, Pio Vassallo, the group’s CEO, Natalie Briffa Farrugia, CEO of the CareMalta Group, Charlo Bonnici, chairperson of the ZVART committee, ZVART committee members Joe Saliba and Stephen Borg, as well as Pierre Jacobs and Antoine Borg, facility manager and assistant facility manager at Zammit Clapp and Bormla Home respectively.