Mental Well-being as we age was the chosen theme for the 4th Edition of the CareMalta Forum held recently.

As the leaders in care, CareMalta through this platform brings to the table various subjects related to the elderly which need to be discussed by stakeholders and take the necessary action with all those involved in the field.

Dr John Cachia, Commissioner for Mental Health kicked off the forum with an introductory speech where he stated that ‘ageing is a reality we must take care of’. He also stressed the importance of our care processes to be mental health and well-being friendly with two very important words, Respect & Dignity at the forefront of what we do.

Clinical Chairman of Psychiatry Dr Anton Grech tackled Dementia, Depression, Pseudodementia and Bereavement as well as the differences between mental illness in old persons as opposed to the young.

Another speaker Ms Stephanie D. Sant, CEO of the Richmond Foundation spoke about the need to support persons with mental health issues. She discussed the importance of determining persons are suffering with mental health issues in the first place and guiding them to speak to a professional who can inform them about the services available in the community. However she also spoke about the concern of gaps in the system which do not allow us to offer enough support or lack of services available. She also announced that her Foundation is collaborating with Learning Works, a company within the Vassallo Group, to launch a course on mental health care in the coming months.

The Dean of the Faculty for Social Well-being at the University of Malta Profs. Andrew Azzopardi delivered the final speech where he spoke about the stigmas of mental health and the need to fight this stigma so individuals can get the treatment they need. He spoke about the need for more awareness about mental health and he quotes ‘I believe facilities should be avantgarde.’