CareMalta Group recently presented the 2022 Quality Assurance Audit Awards to managers and staff members at each of CareMalta’s 9 facilities for the elderly and HILA’s 3 homes. This year, no bronze awards were presented, only gold and silver.

Through these awards, the Facility and Home Managers together with their team were presented with an award for their dedication and hard work in the service they offer to the residents and clients, based on their performance in 2022. The awards serve to encourage management teams and their staff to score higher marks than in previous years, in all areas of their work, to excel in the service provided.

CareMalta Group ensures that improvement in the service offered is monitored to assure a high standard of performance throughout all the facilities and homes. The Internal Quality Assurance Audits are carried out in all areas of operations; Care and Medicine, Administration, Front Office, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Health & Safety and Catering.

The awards were presented in each facility by the Chairperson of Vassallo Group, Natalie Briffa Farrugia, the CEO of Vassallo Group, Pio Vassallo, the CEO of CareMalta Group James Sciriha and by the COO of CareMalta Group Noel Borg.

This year CareMalta Group is also celebrating its 30th Anniversary, 30 years as Leaders in Care, 30 years of celebration of the person, the resident, the clients, the relatives, and last but not least the persons delivering the care, the employees.

As leaders in care since 1993, CareMalta Group caters to more than 1,600 residents and employs a workforce of around 1,200 people.