Tradition and experience were the main ingredients of a very eventful week at Casa San Paolo. The ‘traditional feast’ was celebrated in one of CareMalta’s facilities to bring memories and promote the idea of active ageing in long term care. An event which was organised by the home with the support of volunteers and the participation of residents themselves made this activity a special one.

A lot of work and preparation went into the organisation of this successful event. The ‘festa’ was held by the pool which was surrounded by decorations one can immediately associate with a traditional village festa. The event included band marches and traditional food and drinks to create the right atmosphere for the benefit of the residents some of whom had not been to a village feast for quite some time.

Whilst this event is one of the many that are continuously organised at homes run by CareMalta, this festa is one of the most anticipated events. It is one of the main events that form part of the company’s Active Ageing programme for the 1600 residents under CareMalta’s care.