CareMalta Group’s philosophy revolves around continuously investing in the growth and well-being of its employees. By adhering to core values such as ‘development’ and ‘dignity’, the Group has created an attractive workplace for candidates seeking a career in the healthcare sector.

“In our industry, where specialised expertise is crucial, attracting and retaining knowledgeable professionals can be challenging,” explains Chris Gauci. “So once skilled employees are recruited, it is up to us to offer the right working environment and proper compensation, as well as provide further opportunities for progression to retain these employees.”

CareMalta’s investment in employees can take various forms, including financial rewards, compensation packages, and programmes promoting mental health awareness. For instance, upon proper evaluation and directors’ approval, the company allocates a budget to improve the financial packages of specific employee groups, ensuring their retention, despite external factors.

“Moreover, recognising the significance of mental health, CareMalta Group has implemented programmes to raise awareness and provide support to employees. These ‘indirect’ investments, as we call them, contribute to the improved well-being and job satisfaction of the workforce,” Chris adds.

One of the Group’s recent initiatives was the ‘Road to Growth’ programme, which identifies employees with potential for future management roles and provides them with opportunities to enhance these skills. Led by CareMalta Group’s senior management team and supported by Learning Works, a sister company of Vassallo Group, this programme allows individuals to focus on improving their managerial abilities outside their regular work environment.

Additionally, CareMalta Group provides various courses to address knowledge gaps and ensure continuous professional development among its employees. The Group also ensures that employees have access to the necessary tools and resources for success in their roles.

Regular audits – whether internal or conducted by external bodies such as the Social Care Standards Authority – highlight areas requiring further investment. Based on the audit findings, the company invests in providing employees with adequate training, resources, and equipment to meet the required standards.

Chris acknowledges that the company’s success would not have been possible without its dedicated workforce.

“Every single employee who worked for this Group helped to make our 30th anniversary milestone possible. As a Group, we have celebrated its employees’ contributions on multiple occasions, both individually and collectively. This recognition of employees’ efforts and commitment translates into the high-quality service CareMalta Group consistently delivers to its clients and residents,” he asserts.

As the company celebrates its 30th anniversary, CareMalta remains dedicated to sustaining a positive work environment and providing high-quality care through its valued employees.