This past month has been a tough nut to crack for us all. Never did we imagine we would go through such desperate times. And desperate times call for desperate measures, the hardest one of all being social isolation – something we are gradually getting accustomed to, even though still with difficulty.

However, as Professor Andrew Azzopardi, Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta, wrote in the Malta Independent on April 1, social isolation has always been there – in various forms.

Death socially isolates us from those we love, physical distance too, as does a disease or a condition, even prejudice or discrimination.

Even though we are all experiencing social isolation at the moment, this time should serve to make us really think of what we cherish most in life. Our loved ones surely take pride of place, followed by our values and beliefs. Every other materialistic pleasure pales in comparison.

These past few weeks have been exhausting, not physically – as we have so much more time on our hands – but mentally and psychologically, as we constantly worry about our loved ones and what could happen to them. Suddenly, we have all the time in the world to reflect on what matters most.

This is why initiatives such as CareMalta’s live-in shine in such times of crisis. Because it’s a selfless act of love and dedication. It has created an aura of positivity and hope for better times ahead.

Most of these individuals who have lived in with the residents over the past three weeks have renewed their commitment for another three weeks, along with some others who have now joined them in giving much more than care.

Over the past three weeks they have offered the elderly companionship, support and hope at times of loneliness and depression, fed them with love and dedication and even helped them celebrate a special occasion in the absence of their loved ones.

In turn, this experience has surely filled the employees with mental pictures that can never be erased – a smile, a thank you, a caress, a hug, a good cry, a laugh… and many more human moments.

We’re calling the past three weeks Phase 1, but really this whole exercise is a continuous journey with one aim – which was and remains that of placing our vulnerable elderly at the very top, where they deserve to be.

This is, after all, a commitment which both management and employees believed wholeheartedly in from the very start and embarked on without reserve.


Week 3 – Special moments


March 31 – It’s the perfect morning for a spot of gardening

Enjoying this gorgeous spring day in serenity and safety (residents at Roseville)

April 1 – Happy birthday Giovanna! (Resident at Zejtun Home)

April 2 – Meaningful activities at Casa Arkati


April 3 – So close yet so far… but the love could still be tangibly felt even through a glass window. These are those touching, bittersweet moments our team share with the residents and relatives. One day soon that hand touching the cold glass will be two warm hands touching each other (still shot taken from a video clip at Casa Marija)

“Very sad indeed not being able to visit our loved ones. Miss them and they miss us badly too.”

“Grazzi. Thank you is not enough for what you are doing. I’m speechless seeing this shot, very touching. God bless you all.”

Happy birthday Mr Copperstone! (Resident at Roseville)

So many birthdays today! A happy birthday to Ms Dimech (Casa Arkati), Ms Bowey (Roseville) and Mr Ellul (Casa San Paolo) 


April 4 – More birthday celebrations. A happy birthday to Mrs Fenech, who turns 99 (resident at Roseville) and to Mrs Darmanin (resident at Zammit Clapp)

April 5 – And more birthdays at Zejtun Home. A Happy Birthday to Doris, Carmen and Rozina!

“Happy birthday nanna. Thanks to Zejtun Home for making her happy.”

“Thank you… awguri nanna Rozina, inhobbuk hafna.”


A happy birthday to Ms Pellegrini Petit! (resident at Casa Arkati)

“Happy 99th birthday dearest mum. Although we could not be with you to celebrate this special day, you were given extra special attention by the staff and carers at Casa Arkati. We take this opportunity to send our sincere thanks for all you do for our mother and especially during these difficult times. May God bless you all and keep you in good health.”

A happy 56th anniversary to Josephine and John (residents at Casa Marija)