As time rushes by, our elderly continue to amaze us, regaling us with beautiful life lessons and personal stories worth sharing. This week, I spoke to a few residents over Skype and I can say that it was definitely time well spent.

Every single day we are privileged to hear their stories, their wise words and thoughts during these times of social distancing and sacrifice.

A resident at Roseville, Ina Ciappara, shared an inspirational message, which I will, in turn, share with you. What she said brightened up my day and made me feel ready to take on anything. I’m sure it will put a smile on your faces too.

Ina said she felt blessed to have had a happy life. What matters most to her is the safety of her only daughter during the pandemic.

“She is the most precious thing I have in my life,” she told me.

The 84-year-old resident has a unique way of expressing her thoughts. She is a happy soul and her positivity instantly rubbed off on me.

As the teams in each home become closer with the residents, we are coming across personal stories such as this one, which continue to fill us with courage and hope.

“Gratitude is a virtue, you know,” Ina went on. “We should all be appreciative of and thankful for what we have. What the staff are doing with us here is an act of kindness. I am so grateful to them. We must remember that every cloud has a silver lining.”

Ina keeps herself busy at all times, especially with reading. She loves a good book and enjoys long hours reading in the library or in the garden on a beautiful day.

“I do miss seeing my daughter. But I speak to her every day. I believe there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In any situation life presents you with, you either reach for that ray of light or focus on the darkest part of the tunnel.”

I will end this week’s blog with more positivity. Two residents at Bormla Home, Mary Bezzina and Theresa Scicluna, spoke highly of the staff, who have left their dear ones and are caring for the residents 24 hours a day.

“We don’t need anything here. We’re very happy. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities,” they both told me.

Despite her age, Mary, 91, is full of life. She took a badge out of her bag, lifted it up and showed it off. It said: ‘Proud to be from Cospicua.’

On the other hand, Theresa, 81, is a soft-spoken, good-natured woman, who moved into the home with her elderly parents 16 years ago because she was very close to them. Mary is very active and takes part in a wide array of daily activities, while Theresa loves to join a group who say the rosary every day.

The residents and their stories of positivity fills us with energy to keep doing what we do in a bid to keep them as safe as possible.


April 27 – Fun activities this morning at Bormla Home

“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all the staff at Bormla Home for taking very good care of my father Joseph Xuereb for the past 10 years, especially these last few days of his life when we could not be present. You were his second family. God bless you all.”

“Many thanks to all the team of Bormla Home for your great dedication towards our loved ones!”

Happy birthday Jennifer (Roseville)

Happy birthday goes to Guzeppa, who today turns 97 (Casa San Paolo) and Alfred, Margarita and Carmela (Zejtun Home)


 April 28 – Good morning from Bormla Home

“Hello nanna Katie, I love you.”

“Good to see happy faces.”

Happy birthday Angele! (Casa San Paolo)

“Happy birthday Angele. I don’t know you, but I worked at Casa San Paolo till I retired at 71, yes, the happiest days of my working life. Stay safe my friend.”

It’s barbecue time at Casa Marija

Happy birthday to Salvina! (Resident at Zammit Clapp)

“Happy birthday grandma, God bless you.”

Happy birthday Mrs Vassallo (resident at Roseville)

“Happy birthday to our dear mum. Thank you to all the staff and management at Roseville for making it so special! We never stop admiring your dedication and are ever so grateful. Thank you CareMalta.”


April 29 – Happy birthday Somiya (Casa San Paolo)

Happy anniversary to Godwin and Christina! Godwin is currently living at Roseville, while Christina, also a CareMalta employee, is at home taking care of their son. Christina surprised Godwin with a cake.

Part of our amazing teams. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do for our residents and each other!

“Thank you for all your patience and kind hearts. Words are not enough to thank your for your dedication and commitment towards our loved ones. Xxxx”

Let’s have some fun! Ongoing activities at Bormla Home

“Well done. Keep it up. And thank you to all the staff for your great care and love.”


April 30 – 63 years of marriage… such an amazing milestone! We are happy and proud to be celebrating this with both of you at Casa San Paolo. Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Agius!

Happy 94th birthday Mrs Spiteri! (Resident at Casa Arkati)


May 1 – A small peek into daily lives at Bormla Home... another great team like all the teams in our facilities

 A wonderful surprise today for Shirley, a team member at Zejtun Home, from her husband in celebration of both her birthday and their wedding anniversary… double wishes Shirley!

Story telling at Zammit Clapp, keep fit activities at Roseville and a party at Casa San Paolo… some of the many activities our teams are organising for our residents to keep them active, engaged and entertained.

“Thank you very much. It is so lovely to keep in touch and to catch a glimpse of what’s happening at mum’s home. Blessings to all.”


May 2 – Happy birthday goes to Josephine who resides at Casa San Paolo and to Mr Grech and Mr Magro who reside at Roseville

Let’s have some fun! Active ageing activities at Bormla Home

More birthday celebrations! Happy birthday to Mrs Macelli, resident at Casa Arkati, Mrs Psaila and Mrs Farrugia, both residents at Zejtun Home, and Maya, a team member at Casa San Paolo… best wishes to all!

Who remembers the movie Tea for Two, starring Doris Day? Our residents at Zejtun Home loved watching it…


May 3 – A magical moment at Casa San Paolo, sparked by an initiative one of our residents took, to thank staff members on Workers’ Day

Happy birthday Maria (Resident at Bormla Home)

It’s strawberry season! Special themed dessert for our residents at Bormla Home