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Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in today’s world. However, it is not a normal part of ageing. CareMalta – providers of care for the elderly in Malta – explain the most common symptoms to look out for which may indicate depression.


Persistent sadness

Feeling sad shouldn’t be mistaken for depression. Feeling sad every now and then is a fundamental part of being human, especially during/following difficult times. However, persistent feelings of sadness or numbness is a sign of depression.


A loss of interest

Individuals affected by depression very often experience a loss of pleasure in activities they previously enjoyed. This often goes hand in hand with withdrawal from social activities.


Changes in sleeping patterns

An inability to sleep that lasts over a long period of time is a key indication that someone may be depressed. Lacking sleep may also make depression even worse.


Difficulty concentrating

Persons with depression often report experiencing ‘brain fog’ – a common cognitive defect that may affect even the most basic activities such as reading a book and engaging in conversation.


Feeling slowed down

There may be a visible slowing down of physical and emotional reactions, including speech and behaviour.


Somatic problems

Anything which changes from unexplained physical pain to gastrointestinal problems and changes in appetite may be symptoms of depression.


It is important to note that depression and dementia share many symptoms, which is why a proper diagnosis by a mental health professional is essential. Effective treatment of depression may require more than one approach, including; psychotherapy, support groups, lifestyle changes, medication and sometimes, a combination of all these factors. The earlier the treatment for depression starts, the better, which is why recognising the signs is crucial.


CareMalta is dedicated to providing a holistic service within a safe and caring atmosphere in all eight of our elderly homes in Malta. We work on the philosophy that with the right support and treatment, individuals can boost the way they feel and cope better with life’s changes, making senior years a fulfilling time.


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