Even though living through this coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy, this time has taught us to adapt to a new way of life, being more appreciative of what we have and what we are blessed with every day.

As we think of our loved ones and look forward to the day when we can finally see them, touch them, hug them and kiss them once again, someday we will all look back and treasure this special moment even more.

The journey for those employees who have made it their mission to protect the vulnerable elderly continues. We have been witnessing, day by day, their relentless drive and selfless mission to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Meanwhile, time ticks away, filling us with hope and great expectations for our elderly loved ones. We all hope this will end well, making us stronger and bringing us closer than ever before.

April 16 marked a significant first milestone. Working hard together, as one team, we have managed, at times painstakingly, to reach the first 30 days of this incredible journey as safely as is humanly possible.

The safety and care of our residents come first. There’s no doubt about this. Our mission in life is to care compassionately for each and every elderly resident, even going beyond the line of duty if necessary.

After all, isn’t this what our employees did on March 16 when they moved in with the elderly? Isn’t this what doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are doing – being there for the sick, putting their lives at risk?

These acts of altruism fill us with a sense of hope and positivity for better times to come. The multitude of pictures and video clips taken by those working directly with the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable speak volumes not only about these times of suffering but also about the goodness that reigns supreme.

I end this blog on a positive note, hoping that all these commendable efforts will serve to keep our loved ones safe and protected. After all this is our ultimate aim.

Our CEO, Natalie Briffa Farrugia thanks all those who were, or still are, part of this journey, saying: “My heart is full of gratitude. I augur you blessings, health and strength.”

I also include an inspirational quote by Frida Kahlo, shared by one of our home managers as she pondered on her first 30 days: “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

Indeed, we are all much stronger than we think we are. Stay safe.




April 13 – Good morning from Villa Messina

(Indian dance)

“That is so good. CareMalta you’re one of a kind. Keep up the great work.”

“How wonderful! God bless you all, you are all amazing! Thank you. Keep up the spirit.”

Happy birthday to all of you!

“I cannot thank enough the carers at Zammit Clapp, who take care of my mother, for their dedication to their work. Yesterday I was filled with joy to know that my mother was presented with a huge cake and thanks to them could celebrate her birthday. I’m truly touched that they go out of their comfort zone to be of service. It is an immense consolation. Thanks Zammit Clapp staff. Thanks Mr Caruana and manager nurse Mr Anto. Superb service! You make the world a much better place!”

Making the most of these gorgeous days (Featuring Villa Messina)

“Well done, thanks for taking care of our loved ones. Love to see mum in these activities. Thanks to Nicolette for seeing my mum on WhatsApp. God bless you all and shower you with health and love.”

Oh what fun! Egg hunt on Easter Monday (Featuring Roseville)

“Please be careful my beautiful elderly.”


April 14 – Happy anniversary Villa Messina

“Happy anniversary. Keep up the sterling work.”

“Thank you wonderful people.”

“Thank you Villa Messina. Sooooooo good to see Stella. Love you.”

A happy birthday to Mrs Borg and Mrs Micallef (Residents at Roseville)

“A happy birthday from Melbourne, Australia. Great job as always.”

“To our dear grandma Antonia Borg, we wish you all the best xxx Love you. May I take this opportunity to thank all staff taking care of you.”


April 16 – Happy birthday Luigi (Resident at Zejtun home) and Fredu (Mellieha home)

“Happy birthday Uncle Louis. Missing you lots. Keep safe and see you soon. Love Diana, Neil and Bali xxx.”

“God bless you Pa. Awguri.”


April 18 – Good morning from Roseville

“Thanks for the love and dedication. Keep safe.”


April 19 – Happy birthday Louis

“Our nannu. Happy birthday.”