CareMalta Group has published its in-house magazine CareNet, with this year’s edition focusing on new abilities and a great year ahead of CareMalta, as next year the Group will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

In this year’s edition, we tackle the transition to regain normality in all CareMalta’s facilities and the residents’ lives and we discuss the future challenges of the elderly care sector. The challenges that can be transformed into new abilities. With that in mind, this year’s CareNet theme revolves around ‘Ability’ which is also illustrated in this year’s cover of the magazine. The ability to look at obstacles as opportunities and turn them into progress, to increase the chances of success.

As our Chief Executive, James Sciriha, pointed out in his message in this year’s edition, throughout these years, CareMalta developed the care that we all know today but more importantly, CareMalta was able to develop and give care a new dimension, that of seeing the residents and clients as persons, and next year it will be a celebration of the person – the resident, the client, the relatives, and the person delivering care, the employees.

“Ability is the knowledge, experience, and skill that an individual or group of people bring together to perform a particular task or activity. It also means the strength to accomplish something, both physically and mentally”, said James Sciriha, the group’s CEO.

In this year’s edition of CareNet, we also feature upcoming projects, the potential of alternative care, CareMalta’s major assets, and investments, an interview with the Minister for the Elderly and Active Ageing, Jo Etienne Abela, who explains his vision for the care sector and rounding off with the lifestyle element promoted within all CareMalta’s facilities through various events.