This year will surely go down in Malta’s history as a landmark one. So far, it has been a difficult time for everyone, both on the home front as well as around the world, especially with so many people being directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his traditional Easter Sunday message to the world, Pope Francis, in solitude, said we were all in one boat, fragile and disoriented, and that this wasn’t the time for egoism, self-centredness, forgetfulness, division or indifference.

Millions of people watched and listened on various media platforms, as the Pope’s thoughts turned to those directly affected by the coronavirus. “For many, this is an Easter of solitude, lived amid the sorrow and hardship that the pandemic is causing,” he said. “But the Lord has not left us alone. United in our prayer, we are convinced that He has laid His hand upon us.”

Pope Francis then went on to thank all those working on the front line who were easing the difficulties and sufferings of the sick and vulnerable, selflessly putting their own lives at risk.

As we adjust to living in coronavirus times, albeit with immense difficulty, time seems to be passing by at an incredible speed. Our very first group of employees entered the facilities on March 16, while today marks the beginning of the second week of the second phase – so, for some, it has already been a month-long journey full of good and not-so-good moments.

But this is life, with its ups and downs. Life in normal times is not easy. Life in these extraordinary circumstances is even tougher. Not seeing our loved ones is a big sacrifice. But it is also a small price to pay if we think in terms of their health and vulnerability.

So, let us stay hopeful, positive and safe, and be thankful for being healthy and knowing that our loved ones are doing well and being taken care of.

Residential life in the homes continues, in the same way we all are conducting our lives at present. We try to make the most of these hard times, even though we constantly live in fear of the unknown.

Apart from keeping the residents safe, our team of active ageing facilitators in each home are also focusing their attention on keeping them energetic and cheerful. Daily chores such as cooking or gardening keep the elderly very much involved and hands-on in everyday life within the home, while fun activities such as bingo, physical exercise or painting are held regularly to encourage them to remain active and use their brains.

This is very important to us, as a positive atmosphere is conducive to happiness and a feeling of well-being, which are much needed elements in these terrible times.



Week 4 – Special moments


April 6 – A special good morning message by a child ensures that everything will be OK

“Let us hope that we will get out of this stronger and that we will be able to hug our beloved ones once more.”

As Phase 1 comes to an end and Phase 2 starts, we thank you. You are truly living CareMalta’s mission and values

“Thank you sooooo much. May God shower you with blessings because you truly deserve it.”

“Well done angels.”

April 7 – Another lovely message of hope by a child: Stay strong, have faith, trust God, keep believing. Never lose hope

 Enjoy the moment – Live from Roseville

“God bless you. Miss you mum.”

We are no professional singers, musicians or dancers but we are one big family

“Thank you so much for sharing this video! It is much appreciated, especially since our relative has dementia and it’s useless to Skype her as she has no idea that there is someone on the mobile phone or tablet talking to her. So it was wonderful to see her enjoying herself in this video. Thanks from the heart. May God be with you always.”



April 8 – Another message from a child: Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today but eventually

“We are praying for our dear friends in Malta. Keep well and keep safe. God bless you.”


April 9 – Good morning everyone – another message: Have faith. Believe

Our team at Villa Messina after disinfecting the weekly goods dropped off by relatives… we will see many a beautiful smile on our residents’ faces tonight!

“Great. We need to see photos of the beautiful smiles of our loved ones. Thank you all!”

Spirituality is very important to our residents, especially during this holy period. Roseville are celebrating Maundy Thursday with a special foot-washing re-enactment.

“Thank you all at Roseville. We truly appreciate what you are all doing for our beloved mums and dads.”

Ending the day with prayers at Roseville


April 10 – Day 5

Beautiful set-up at Zejtun home to help the residents with their spiritual needs.

“Thank you for what you’re doing with our loved ones, for keeping their spirits high. God bless you for leaving your family and your loved ones behind to take care of who needs you most at this moment.”

Spiritual celebrations for Good Friday at Zejtun home

“Thanks for all the care and attention you give to my mother. Well done Simone Vella and all the caring staff.”



April 12 – We hope that you all managed to celebrate in your own special way.