Working with the elderly gives me a better understanding of life, and I consider my personal growth as one of my main achievements in working with CareMalta Group.

I recall my first day working with CareMalta, it was the 28th of June 1999. I was toured around Villa Messina by James Buttigieg, who was the technician in charge of the facility.

Throughout my journey with the Group over the years, there are two main projects I worked on which offered me new opportunities. In 2005 construction on the new facility of Price of Wales was underway and halfway through the project I was stationed there to take training from a foreign company that was installing the telephone and nurse call systems. I was later tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of these systems. From around that time on I was also the one carrying out the preventative maintenance in all the facilities.

In 2007 work was underway on the first PPP project of its kind, Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellie─ža home. Toward the end of the project, I was assigned to assist and oversee the finishings and installations. Shortly after the opening in March of 2008, the then CEO of Care Malta, Ing. Alex Tranter offered me the position of Head of Maintenance at Mellie─ža home. This was my first official supervisory/management role.

In 2021, I started a new chapter in my career, as the CareMalta Group senior management offered me the opportunity to be the Maintenance Manager of the Group.

To sum up my 25 years of working with CareMalta Group, I am more than proud to have contributed with my work in building better the maintenance department, setting out a better preventative maintenance plan, improving the documentation, and setting procedures. But above all, I treasure the reactions of the residents. They have shown their gratitude in so many ways that it is hard for me to describe. They thank me for solving problems and assisting them and these short moments do give me a sense of satisfaction in what I do.