HILA’s belief is encompassed in its mission statement:

“Empowering persons through choice and developing individual abilities towards an inclusive and fulfilling life.”

Through HILA, CareMalta believes that it is in a unique position to offer respite services and also operate and manage residential facilities for persons with disabilities.  Embarking in this new sector, serving persons with disabilities, is a natural extension of the capabilities and range of services offered by CareMalta Group.

HILA has just inauguarated Casa Apap Bologna in Mosta.  The home has opened for the public on Saturday 30th July and welcomed its first group for a live-in weekend on 5th August.


Casa Apap Bologna is a beautiful town house situated in the heart of Mosta.  Previously owned by a magistrate, it carries with it an element of prestige as a highly renowned home in its area.  The house is strategically located in the centre of the community, serving well those residents who would wish to avail themselves of services offered in the area, since everything is within close distance.  Its positioning also promotes inclusion, which is something HILA strongly believes in.  Casa Apap Bologna will be offering short-term stays.

HILA’s second home, Casa Santa Monica in Qormi, is in its initial stages of construction and is planned to be finished by end of 2016.  Casa Santa Monica will be operating as an Independent Supported Living home for long-term stays.

HILA believes that it will have a cutting edge in this service provision as it will be offering a set up where, irrespective of the level of dependency of the resident, it will ensure that a person-centred approach is applied and the abilities of the individual are fully developed.