carer burnout

Those who care for the elderly in Malta undertake a noble and altruistic duty – one that certainly not everyone is capable of performing. However, it’s a job that requires a lot of energy on the carer’s part which is not always acknowledged. It’s important to remember that in order to care for others, one must remember to take care of themselves first. Here is a guide from CareMalta on how to prevent carer burnout.


The Causes of Carer Burnout

One of the major factors of stress and low energy levels is the act of caring for someone who is incapable of reciprocating the same amount of attention or showing signs of gratitude. This can be highly draining and cause depressive symptoms, as well as physical fatigue. If support around you is limited, you may feel deserted or neglected, especially if your partner at home or family members are busy with their own lives and responsibilities.


Take Care of Yourself

Establishing a stable sleep routine and maintaining a healthy diet are essential to your overall well-being. Make sure that you are drinking enough water and try including meditation or relaxation techniques into your daily routine.


Do Things You Enjoy

Everyone needs a break or some time off once in a while. Meet up with friends or spend time with your loved ones when you can. Overwork and too much mental or physical pressure can eventually not only cause carer burnout, but also illness due to the immune system being weakened.


Consider Pet Therapy

Although looking after an animal might seem like an extra responsibility at first, studies have shown that pet owners actually have improved cardiovascular health as a result of looking after a pet. Walking a dog is a great way to get your daily exercise; petting a cat can even release oxytocin and other hormones which produce feelings of happiness and contentment. If you don’t have the time or resources to look after an animal, consider asking a neighbour or a loved one if they need a petsitter.


Confide in a Professional

Finding a support group in your area or talking to a therapist will help prevent carer burnout. Speaking to someone professionally trained in guidance and support may be greatly beneficial, particularly if you are experiencing feelings of depression or extreme stress.


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