CareMalta Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary

Commemorating our 25th anniversary is certainly a milestone which cannot be left uncelebrated. Apart from it being a very special occasion for CareMalta’s staff members and residents alike, this anniversary consolidates our success as an entity offering residential homes to elderly people.

Back in 1993, the year Vassallo Group entered the elderly care sector, exhibiting an innovative vision and, most importantly, the courage to be different, to tread where no other private entities had gone before. Indeed, the fact that after over two decades and a half, CareMalta is not only still around but is firmly cemented as a leader of the sector, is the biggest triumph of them all.

CareMalta has made it a point to highlight this achievement with a jam-packed timetable of events. One event we’re proud to announce is our Zero to Twenty-Five Challenge. This challenge consists of 25 runners and 25 walkers who will be participating in association with CareMalta or Vassallo Group. Each participant will commit themselves to taking part in the forthcoming Malta Marathon on 25th February.

This challenge symbolizes CareMalta’s journey from 1993 to the present day: hence 25 years, on the 25th Day, involving 25 participants. An event which represents the journey of a variety of different people, who contributed to the success of the company throughout all these years.

The build-up to this challenge is a manifestation of the rigorous training each participant need to go through. Moreover, it reflects the company’s belief in training, development and professionalism.

CareMalta’s 7 Pillars

The Zero to Twenty-Five Challenge highlights seven qualities that mark CareMalta’s 25-year journey as well as its vision for the years ahead:

  • Leadership – where people are assigned tasks and execute them successfully, showing clear direction and a logical plan of action.
  • Resilience – showing an unswerving determination to get the job done, no matter the challenging circumstance.
  • Teamwork – something we do whole-heartedly, because without a team, we believe nothing can be done successfully.
  • Professionalism – after all our CareMalta is the face of a number of homes, and it is each home’s duty to maintain the expertise and knowhow in each and every place of residence.
  • Vision – because without having a vision, CareMalta would not have become the company it is today.
  • Ambition – having a set of goals and targets in mind is what motivates us to work harder and keep bettering ourselves, both individually and as a team.
  • Dedication – through our incessant perseverance and ongoing commitment, our enthusiasm remains undying.

Ultimately, CareMalta’s victories further substantiate what a strong, resilient, successful force it is to be reckoned with.