The second edition of the CareMalta Forum was held at the Training and Development Centre, Landmark on 11th May 2017. The discussion addressed ‘The Role of the Family in Elderly Care’ and the forum was led by Ms Claire Agius Ordway.

CareMalta CEO Mrs Natalie Briffa Farrugia introduced the seminar providing an overview of the theme of this year’s seminar touching upon issues related to the informal care mostly provided by the family in the elderly person’s own home as well as the family’s involvement when the elderly person is admitted into a care home.

Special guest Ms Michelle Muscat attended this event and shared her own personal experience as an informal carer of her own parents.

Keynote speaker Mr Godwin Mifsud, Director General from the Economic Policy Department, Ministry for Finance delved into the economic insight on informal care in Malta.  He discussed statistics of population trends, demographic trends, life expectancy among other data and information.

Guest speaker Ms Maria Camilleri, Social Worker CommCare Assessment Unit spoke about the services provided by the state to the elderly living in the community.  These services include home help, telecare, meals on wheels, handyman services, day and night centres.  She discussed the current services being offered and the challenges they are faced with on a day to day basis when dealing with the elderly.

In between speeches an open discussion with guests was held where various opinions about this topic were shared by the different stakeholders, from carers to family members and the elderly residents themselves.

Hon Dr. Michael Farrugia, Minister for the Family & Social Solidarity closed off the forum with a few words.  He stressed about the importance of the elderly within the community and the services currently being offered.  He also stated that new services must be introduced to help the informal carers and the elderly.  He thanked all parties involved in this sector and looked  forward to keep working harder to improve the current situation of the elderly and their families.