A team of nurses from the CareMalta Group has been set up to inoculate residents and staff against COVID-19 and to oversee the entire vaccination process within all facilities operated by the group.

The team is made up of Maria Xuereb, nursing manager, Matthew Vassallo, lead nurse at Casa San Paolo, Zvetlana Farrugia, facility manager at Casa San Paolo, Noel Borg, the group’s senior nursing manager, Maria Cekic, lead nurse at Casa Arkati, Paul Sceberras, mental health services manager, and Asha Kirar, a nurse at the Żejtun Home.

The team of professionals is working in close collaboration with the Active Ageing and Community Care and the Social Care Standards Authority, ensuring that all the necessary precautionary measures and guidelines are followed and that residents from all facilities who gave their consent to receiving the vaccine are administered the two doses.

Team coordinator Noel Borg said: “This experience was no easy feat, but it has been a rewarding experience even though the process entailed hard work. I felt humbled to witness first hand the look of gratitude on our residents’ faces. To them this moment means tangible hope and relief for a better future.”

The logistics and intricacies of the vaccination process, in particular the high level of care and attention, preparation and administration, presents a number of challenges.

“For maximum safety and optimum results, the vaccines first needed to be administered to a substantial amount of people in our facilities, both residents and employees. But the strategy adopted by the company, together with a strong campaign focusing on safety and effectiveness, have been crucial towards reaching this goal,” Ms Xuereb said.

The team collected logistical and comprehensive data vis-a-vis supplies, first doses and follow-ups with second doses.

“Liaising with each facility management team ran smoothly, with members being proactive and engaged throughout the entire process,” Mr Sceberras explained.

“The vaccine’s reconstitution process required meticulous planning on our part, as well as maximum focus, supervision and precision when extracting doses,” Ms Xuereb pointed out.

“Adaptability was the team’s major strength. There was also genuine camaraderie among everyone involved.”