I remember writing my very first blog, when our employees joined the elderly in their residential homes to live with them and protect their vulnerability at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, results have been worth all the sacrifices made by our frontliners during this painstaking time.

In a tweet on March 31, the World Health Organisation’s regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, praised Malta for the health measures taken to protect the population and control the spread of the coronavirus. Kluge said Malta was “on the right track and an example to follow”.

Nine weeks have passed since March 16, the date when the very first group of 540 CareMalta employees stepped into our elderly homes in a bid to keep the residents safe and sound. It was a huge logistical challenge for the company’s management team, who successfully recruited these people in 12 hours.

Understandably, it took the teams in each respective home some time to settle down and get used to the fact that they were not going home at the end of their shift. This was to become their new ‘home’.

It was, and still is, a new reality, a new ‘normal’ which, like us on the outside, they had to adapt to. Gradually, residential life as we know it started taking shape and picking up the rhythm once again, with both employees and residents becoming a second family to one another.

More than 370 employees have been sheltering in place with our residents for nine weeks at a stretch. These altruistic individuals, like the residents, haven’t seen their loved ones for a long time. A total of 841 employees have taken part in this voluntary initiative since it was launched. These people have been the backbone of our mission to safeguard the elderly.

Now, more than ever, with no date in sight as to when this pandemic will end, we need to be strong and look to the future with courage and determination, while ensuring that we stay safe. The well-being of our vulnerable elderly is – and remains – our prime objective.

Meanwhile, as the journey for both our staff and elderly residents goes on, we will continue living our values of compassion, professionalism and engagement day after day, till the very end. Our elderly deserve the best attention and care in the world.


May 11 – It’s fresh fruit smoothies and strawberry mousse time at Zejtun Home!

May 12 – Heartfelt thanks to Prohealth Ltd for delivering these beautiful hampers to our teams

Three generations celebrated with Maggie La Ferla, a resident at Casa San Paolo, who turned 100

May 13 – Happy Birthday Michael resident at Casa San Paolo, George resident at Bormla Home and Laurence resident at Zammit Clapp

Traditional Maltese ftira is on the lunch menu at Bormla Home

May 14 – Many many birthdays today… Happy birthday goes to Mrs Pillow and Mrs Capello both residents at Roseville, Mr Gauci and Mr Bartolo resident at Casa San Paolo, and Eddie part of Zammit Clapp team

Thank you once again to the amazing Maria Cini for delighting our residents and team at Zejtun Home with her music. To top this off the residents were also served with a delicious smoothie

Fun activities at Bormla Home!

May 15 – Happy Birthday to Devi Marie, Kevin Raj and Ronnie, all part of our amazing teams

Happy birthday Mary, resident at Zejtun Home and photos at Zejtun Home take residents down memory lane

Strawberries galore at Zammit Clapp!

What’s for lunch at Casa San Paolo? A delicious trio of pasta..enjoy!


May 16 – Happy birthday to Mary and Joshyny, part of the team at Roseville

Thanks once again to Maria Cini for visiting another of our facilities, this time Casa San Paolo. You made their day!

Happy birthday Maggie, resident at Bormla Home

It’s time for activities at Roseville


Some of the staff exiting our live-ins after 9 weeks. Thank you for all the care and dedication you have shown… much respect 

May 17 – Happy birthday Geogy, team member at Zammit Clapp

Happy birthday to Talit, team member at Roseville, and Mrs Falzon, resident at Zammit Clapp

This weather calls for a refreshing drink in open air…that’s precisely what Villa Messina residents and team did in this sunny Sunday afternoon