CareMalta has officially opened its library at Villa Messina in Rabat – as part of a joint initiative with Malta Libraries – in time to coincide with Libraries Week, marked every year between April 19 and 23.

Now up and running, the library features an interesting array of books, some of which are brand new, kindly donated by publishers Horizons and Miller and author Michael Galea. These books are a treasure trove for both residents and employees at Villa Messina who are passionate about reading.

“This initiative is aimed at encouraging older persons to familiarise themselves with the process of borrowing a library book, reading it and then returning it,” says Dianne Giordmaina from Malta Libraries, who has once again started online reading sessions in a number of elderly homes, including those operated by CareMalta, now that measures in elderly homes have been eased a little.

There are currently 99 new resident members who have a library card and can make use of the library at Villa Messina. There were 103 former members. Twenty-two employees, including new and old members, also make use of the library on a daily basis.

Setting up the library has been a long process involving dedication and hard work. Helping Ms Giordmaina with this task were Marion Abdilla, active ageing coordinator at Villa Messina, and resident Clarissa Mercieca, a passionate reader who was happy to lend a helping hand and form part of the team.

A live reading session to the residents by Ms Giordmaina from the book ‘mill-gallarija’, by popular Maltese author Charles Casha, also took place. The residents loved the stories, inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, when in his younger days, the author watched life in his tiny village go by from his balcony.

Since a number of new libraries in other homes operated by CareMalta are being planned, the donation of brand new books will be appreciated.

Those wishing to donate towards this initiative can email Dianne Giordmaina, administrative officer, Public Library Services, Malta Libraries, on