Exercise for the Elderly Recommended by CareMalta

Physical activity is good for just about everyone, and seniors are no exception. Regular light to moderate exercise is good for ability levels. In fact, the benefits of regular exercise in elderly persons far outweigh the risks and have a number of benefits.

Our team at CareMalta  – which operates eight retirement homes in Malta – discuss the four main types of exercise:


1. Endurance or aerobic

These kinds of exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. Brisk walking or jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing are good examples of aerobic training. 30 minutes of such exercise is recommended daily, whether in one go or in three 10-minute sets.

Endurance exercise increases the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and if done consistently for a few weeks, the person will likely see an improvement in their ability to perform everyday tasks without getting tired.


2. Strength

Strength training builds muscles with repetitive motion exercises. Your elderly parent can do strength training with weights, resistance bands and special machines. If equipment isn’t available, calisthenics such as lunges, sit-ups and leg raises are also convenient options since they the individuals use their own body weight.

Two to three strength workouts a week will provide the greatest benefits. Strength training helps prevent loss of bone mass and improves balance, both of which will help seniors avoid falls and broken bones.


3. Balance

Falling is common in the elderly, therefore, exercises that focus on balance may help prevent falls and knee, back and hip injuries.


4. Flexibility exercises

Stretching is vital to an exercise regimen. Activities like yoga or Pilates are a great option as they focus on isolating different muscle groups, namely the body’s core. Since the core provides the foundation for all movement, having a strong core can improve flexibility, encourage better posture, reduce muscle pain and prevent injury.

Doing a combination of all four exercise types will give you more benefits and may improve many medical conditions. Other benefits of exercise include a stronger immune system, improved gastrointestinal function and better bone density. A consistent exercise regime is also associated with decreased mortality and age-related morbidity in older adults.


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