Boban Spasic, who works in the maintenance department at Roseville, joined the Vassallo Group in 2007. Before Roseville, he also worked at Villa Messina.

Married to Valentina, Boban has two children, Theodora, 5, and Andrei, 2, and lives in Bugibba.

“The very first time I joined the lockdown, it was hard for my daughter to understand that she would not see me for three weeks. Now, she seems to have realised what is going on. She doesn’t cry for me anymore. It’s very emotional to see both my children not wanting to let me go. Before joining the first phase of the lockdown, she said to me: ‘Daddy, be a good man’,” said Boban, whose eyes filled up with tears as he spoke.

Luckily, Boban’s wife, who works in a hotel, had some time off, so she took care of the children all the time in their father’s absence.

“I already miss my family in Serbia. Now I’m missing two families. But we have to be strong and make sacrifices. I’m not the only member of staff with a family and children.

“Every night, before I go to bed, I watch my children dance on the iPad. My daughter loves to sing and dance. I cannot wait to practise ‘our fly dance’ with her when the lockdown ends. It’s ‘our very own’ special dance, whereby I stand, waiting to catch her as she dances and jumps into my arms. She loves it.”

Boban has a special connection with his daughter Theodora. “Since my wife mostly works on weekends, I am usually with the children at home, so we spend a lot of time together. They are both full of energy and want to do a lot of things. But it’s good fun. They are both very excited to see me soon.”