Our journey with the elderly in these strange times continues, with the same enthusiasm, willingness and determination to do everything in our capacity to keep the residents safe as well as happy.

As we enter the third phase of our mission, we feel we have reached yet another milestone, with so much hard work behind us, while looking forward to new, challenging times ahead.

Our elderly residents haven’t seen their loved ones since mid-March. But they are well aware of the good cause behind this sacrifice – protecting them as much as we can against Covid-19.

Many elderly have been through thick and thin, especially those who experienced the harsh realities of living during the war. Yes, these people are frail and vulnerable, but they are far more resilient than we make them out to be. This is because many of them have had to learn the hard way. But we all look forward to the day when they can finally reunite with their families.

Each phase in our journey has been important, serving both as an eye-opener and a learning curve in our hearfelt mission to care. So far, the experience has been quite a positive one, making us more appreciative of what we already have and filling us with hope.

Our organisation is a unique one, enriched by the people who work for it and feel very much part of it. This unexpected pandemic has brought the management and its team closer together, further strengthening our bond and the core values we embrace.

It has also encouraged our dedicated staff to go beyond their specific duties and reach out to the elderly with open arms. This past week has been another rollercoaster ride of more positive than negative moments for both our residents and staff living together within the facilities.

Apart from celebrating the many birthdays and keeping our elderly virtually in touch with their loved ones, whom they haven’t seen for a long time, each team is working round the clock to keep the residents active, well and in high spirits – either by simply doing what they enjoy most, such as cooking, reading, singing, playing an instrument or helping around in the garden, or by encouraging them to join group activities and socialise.

On the other hand, the residents greatly cherish all the sweet gestures, commitment, extra care, kindness, empathy and compassion they receive from their carers and all those they come in contact with on a daily basis.

These are our very own special moments to treasure. They are moments we can never erase. Moments that will not come back. These are historic times which future generations will talk about to their offspring, just like we see pictures and hear stories about the past from our parents or grandparents.

While I’m sure that capturing these special instances brings tears of joy to those who see their loved ones happy, the most important thing is knowing that they are receiving all the care they need and that, ultimately, they are safe.


April 20 – Carmelo Mifsud turns 82 today. His great passion for agriculture and gardening can be seen at the Zejtun Home where he resides and takes care of the kitchen garden.

“Happy birthday, what a wonderful job you have done in the garden Those broad beans look so appetising. Enjoy.”

What better way to enjoy yesterdays gorgeous weather than being served ice cream in the garden (Featuring Villa Messina)

“Wonderful. Love Emma xxx”

“Dad looks good xxx”

So many birthdays today! Happy birthday to Guzeppa, Bice and Carmelo from Zejtun Home; Helen Dimech from Casa Arkati; and Mrs Salt, resident at Roseville, who today turned 100.

“It’s the Queen’s birthday too. Great day to be born.”

April 21 – More birthdays: a happy birthday to Nancy Bugelli and Mr Micallef

April 22 – Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Peregin, who reside at Zammit Clapp. Also wishing them a happy anniversary were the couple’s family, who gathered for a special group Skype call.

“Best wishes to my mum and dad Lilian and Vincent Peregin who are celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary today… A big thank you to all carers at Zammit Clapp for making this possible.

April 23 – We strongly believe in active ageing. Ronald Jackson, 84, residing at the Zejtun home, spends hours engaged in producing small works of art.

“Nice pictures, as always dad. Hope we can see you soon.”

A heart message from residents at Casa Marija to the team

“Stronger than ever.”

“Thank you for your care. My mum has nothing but praise for you. God bless.”

April 24 – Exercise and fitness sessions at Casa Arkati to keep the elderly active

“Thanks is not enough. I would also like to thank both the receptionist Ingrid and Isaac for all their support given during their bad moments and all the staff too.”

Happy birthday to two residents at Casa Arkati… Mr Bonavia who turns 95 today and Mr Axiak, who turned 85

“Auguri Mr Bonavia. God bless you. Your neighbour at Casa Arkati. Ms Anne Galdes and family.”

“Happy birthday Mr Axiaq. Wish you peace and health. God bless you.”


April 25

A happy birthday to Carmelo (Resident at Roseville)

“Thanks to all the carers and workers at Roseville home. There are no words to express our gratitude for the love and care you are giving to our loved ones. God bless you and regards to all.”


April 26

Happy Birthday Mr Baldacchino! (Resident at Roseville)

Happy Birthday Helen (Zejtun Home)