It has already been a week since our team of employees joined the residents in our facilities to live with them 24 hours a day – a show of selflessness and integrity!

These are people who have left their families, friends and comforts to fully dedicate themselves to an altruistic cause, just like the rest of those doctors, nurses and workers who are working round the clock, putting their life in danger to help those afflicted by the virus, without thinking twice of the consequences.

It has been a week full of mixed emotions for everyone at CareMalta, especially for these employees who have moved in: a trace of sadness maybe; many moments of happiness, surely; a bout of loneliness; a sense of pride; and, naturally, even fear. It has also been a strange week for the many residents living in our homes, with their dearest sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, brothers or sisters not being able to visit them every day, like they normally do.

All this in a bid to protect the vulnerability of our residents.

Somehow, in times of crisis, life takes on a new meaning, we appreciate more what we are blessed with and everything else fades into nothing. I’m sure we all feel the same: we would do anything to keep those we love most safe.

With every passing day, we are faced with increasing numbers of people afflicted by the virus. Our streets are deserted and empty and a feeling of gloom pervades the air. All of us seem to be glued to our laptops, TV screens and social media, on the lookout for news and updates on Covid-19, hoping a newscaster would tell us this whole thing is over. But the virus rages on, crippling the world and putting us all to the test.

However, looking for the positive, even when negativity strikes, will help us get through this difficult moment. Seeing that, up till now, both our staff and residents’ spirits are high, fills us with a sense of inner joy and peace of mind, knowing that everybody is to a certain extent safe, cocooned together inside.

Thousands of messages have poured in on our Facebook page, mostly by residents’ relatives, thanking us for taking good care of their loved ones. We are humbled by all these well-wishing and thankful posts, and feel gratified, but we are also very aware of the huge responsibility we carry on our shoulders – the well-being and happiness of our residents.

There have been quite a few magical moments since our live-in kicked off, such as the first Skype call between a father and his daughters from the Mellieha home, a resident couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at Roseville, a son singing his heart out to his mother under her window at Zammit Clapp Hospital Residential Home while she looks on, an elderly resident at Villa Messina singing ‘You’ll never walk alone’ at the full strength of her lungs… all these instances will remain with us forever in our hearts.

I thought of sharing some of the sweetest posts. One day, when all this over, maybe you can go back to these comments and fondly reminisce about the most important people in your life.

March 17 – Day 1 (First Skype call, Mellieha Home)

“How nice and at the same time sad that the world has come to this. Prosit.”

“Stay safe.”

“We cannot take things for granted anymore.”

“Hanini, dear father, see you soon.”

March 18 – Day 2 (Good morning everyone, from Casa Arkati)

“Good morning champions. God bless and thank you.”

“Thanks everyone for looking after me Mum and Dad room 501. God bless you all from Sydney, Australia.”

“True heroes.”


March 19 – Day 3 (Birthday celebration Josephine at Zejtun Home)

“Well done and God bless all the carers.”

“Happy birthday Guza.”

(Frank O’Neill singing to his mother)

“You’re awesome Frank. Yes it’s true you couldn’t hug mum but rest assured that your music and singing were more than just a hug! You gave love and love is all you need! God bless you abundantly xxx in my heart and prayers always xxx.”

“That window brought me a lot of nice memories of my beloved mum. She used to sit down at that exact window, floor 1 and watch the birds and planes going by. I miss her so much. May she forever rest in peace.”


March 20 – Day 4 (A couple’s 40th anniversary celebration, Roseville)

“Awguri sweethearts. Take care. God bless.”

(More Skype calls)

“Thanks to Zejtun Home, this afternoon I spoke to and saw my mammina. You made my day to see her doing well and being taken care of. Miss you loads.”

(Casa Arkati team before starting their daily duties, Cospicua home, at end of day, and Roseville, during a prayer session)

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen.”

“Thank you to all these heroes. God bless you.”

March 21 – Day 5 (Another team that rocks, Casa San Paolo)

“You are all our guardian angels, taking care of our loved ones.”

“Hello champions. You are all great. Thank you for this altruism. But a big thank you goes to you for giving your loving care to our parents there. You are keeping our loved ones company which they are appreciating since we are not visiting them. When this is over, God willing, we will celebrate again together with a big BANG.”

(Having fun while staying safe within the homes)

“What you are doing is more than admirable. Can’t praise and thank you enough.”

(Happy birthday Rosaria!, Villa Messina)

“Happy birthday dear, miss you hafna, hafna.”

“Happy birthday zija, we love you.”


March 22 – Day 6 (Day by day, together we stand, through love, compassion and strong faith, Casa Marija)

“Grazzi hafna, thank you for all you are doing. Take care of yourselves as well. God bless you all.”

“Keep up the vibe.”