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While most senior citizens choose to spend their retired years slowing down and taking it easy, others focus their time energy on getting out of their comfort zone. From climbing Mount Everest to becoming Instagram sensations, these people went on to achieve something great in their later years. As leading providers of retirement homes in Malta, here’s our pick of inspirational elderly people who prove it’s never too late to:


1. Run a marathon

At 92, Gladys Burrill is the oldest woman to complete a marathon. She completed the Honolulu Marathon in nine hours 53 minutes by power walking and jogging, earning herself the nickname “Gladyator”. Talk about endurance! And it’s not like she had spent a lifetime of running marathons – her first was done at the age of 86!


2. Be a social media sensation

The term ‘young at heart’ can sometimes be thrown around all too casually, but not many are as deserving of the title as 89-year old @Baddiewinkle. This funky grandmother proves that age is but a number, especially when it comes to being a social media sensation! She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, posing in colourful outfits and t-shirts with humorous wording, in unexpected situations – such as playing beer pong and posing with attractive men on the beach. She has brought numerous smiles to people’s faces worldwide and attracted over 3 million followers to date! An inspirational elderly person if ever there was one!


3. Learn how to read

Following the Kenyan government’s announcement of free elementary education in 2003, former fighter Kimani Maruge enrolled as a first-year student at the age of 84. His desire and dedication to learning how to read shattered the misconception that you can’t learn new things when you’re old!


4. Climb Mount Everest

Japanese Yuichiro Miura is the current Guinness Book of World Records holder for becoming the oldest person to climb to Mount Everest’s summit at the age of 80. All this after having had two heart surgeries!


5. Earn a degree

At the age of 97, German professor Dr Heinz Wenderoth is the oldest person to ever be awarded a doctorate – a degree of Doctor of Science after completing a dissertation related to cell biological studies.  


Respect to these individuals who went after their dreams! Of course, we at CareMalta understand that it’s important to take health and physical limitations into consideration when setting personal goals. However, whether it’s simply learning a new recipe or making a short trip, we hope this has inspired you to keep yourself physically and mentally active, starting from as young an age as possible!


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