A group of women, all residents at Casa Arkati, are making good use of their time spent indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.

They have all been busy knitting away for a good cause and will continue doing so in the run-up to the Christmas season.

This year has not been an easy one for everybody, especially older persons and their loved ones, who have had to make countless sacrifices by staying away from each other in order to stay safe.

However, Yasmine Seguna, active ageing coordinator at Casa Arkati, has been encouraging residents to take part in a number of activities being held daily to keep their spirits high and also to stay well. These admirable women have gone one step further, deciding to donate what they are busy knitting to Dar Sagra Familja to show that they care. “The idea is to help children and families in need,” said facility manager Roberta Agius.

“What these residents have come up with – piles of colourful scarves and blankets, tiny woollen boots, caps, jerseys and mittens for newborns, as well as other useful winter clothing items – is truly admirable.”

Dar Sagra Familja, run by the Church NGO Fondazzajoni Sebħ, is a residential home for minors who, for various reasons, cannot live with their birth family. Living within a family environment based on love and care, the home’s serene atmosphere offers these minors a safe place they can call home. The NGO also hosts sibling groups, as it has the unity of families at heart.

The home is equipped with a playing field and garden, which allow the children ample space where they can run around. An academic plan, which is strictly followed, includes daily slots dedicated to reading, which the children have grown to love.

Another aspect which is given importance is contact with birth families. The children are supported by a residential social worker, who dedicates a good part of her time to ensure that this contact is consistent and safe. Each minor is also followed individually to ensure that their social and emotional well-being is developing healthily.