Mary Anastasi, who is 86 years old, joined Żejtun Home recently but nonetheless, she describes her experience with CareMalta so far as being wonderful. Mary lost her husband 11 years ago and despite having four children who give their utmost to take care of her, she recently took the decision to join a facility where she would be taken care of 24/7.

“I enjoy keeping myself busy and participating in events and after I lost my husband, I tried to keep myself even more active to improve my quality of life because it is not easy to live on your own at a certain age especially when your health affects your mobility. That is why, I recently decided to join a care home where I know I will be safe, especially during the night”.

In her interview with CareNet, Mary explained how she never was sceptical about joining a care home because her mother had resided in one so she was well aware of how this decision could be beneficial for her health, both physically and mentally.

“There is always an activity or event taking place at Żejtun Home. For us, especially for someone like me who always likes to go out and participate in initiatives, it gives a great feeling of being part of a community. I made new friends and I never feel alone, and this feeling gives me such peace of mind”.

Intergenerational events, keep-fit sessions for the elderly, bingo events, and knitting are among the activities that Mary likes to attend. “Apart from the activities that are organised on a regular basis, they do make our health a priority not only through the food that is served or if someone suffers from a particular health condition but overall, as they do routine check-ups”.

Mary continued to explain that for her living alone, even though it was her home, at a certain point she realised that she was experiencing difficulties that many seniors face when they live alone. “Luckily, I have 4 wonderful children, I am a grandmother of 7 and a great-grandmother of 3, who all love, adore and care for me. Even though for the past few months I have been living at Żejtun Home, they all find time to visit and go out with me”.  Mary chose to mention this because she wanted to convey the message to others who are still doubting about living in a care home, that living in a facility like that of CareMalta, does not mean that you will feel abandoned, but on the contrary, “you will find a new community and you will find a second home”, stated Mary Anastasi.