Mary Bezzina (far left), 91, of Cospicua, resident at Bormla Home

“What I miss most during this pandemic is going out. I love my morning walks, especially to the garden opposite Bormla Home. It’s a lovely place to relax and enjoy some quiet time. I also miss seeing my two children.

“But I don’t need anything here. I’m very happy. I spend my days doing lots of crafts, some of which I give to my daughter, as I cannot keep everything in my room. She keeps many of them in a glass showcase in her living room.

“The staff here organise many activities for us. On Wednesdays I join the day care centre. On Thursdays I join all the activities organised by the home.

“I speak to my son and daughter every day, either by phone or on Skype with the help of the kind staff, who are always willing to see us happy. I also enjoy playing bingo. Before the pandemic struck, I used to spend weekends with my son and his family. I love being outdoors.

“I also love to cook. In fact, I cook my own food. My favourite dish is fresh beans with garlic. It’s delicious.

“I hope we will manage to overcome this difficult situation. Meanwhile, we need to obey the rules by the health authorities and stay safe.”



“I miss going to church and on my daily walk”

Theresa Scicluna (centre), 81, of Gudja, resident at Bormla Home 

“I joined Bormla Home 16 years ago with my dear parents. I come from a family of eight and since I was unmarried and lived at home I had a special bond with my parents.

“Here I could be with them all the time, as they couldn’t bear to live without seeing me every day. Having now passed away, I still miss their presence every day. We had a very strong bond.

“Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think of is this virus and how I miss going out. I used to attend Mass at St Dominic’s, St Margaret’s and St Theresa’s, so I miss going to church. Then I used to go for a daily walk.

“I talk to my brothers and sisters every day on the phone. After my daily exercise in the room, I go for lunch. At 4pm I join a group of residents for the rosary.

“I look forward to hearing Prof. Charmaine Gauci’s health briefing every day.”