Last week started on a relatively positive note, with the health authorities easing some of the coronavirus restrictions, making life slightly more bearable for everyone. But caution to practise social distancing persists, as Malta, together with the whole of Europe, enters a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March 16, CareMalta employees have been sheltering in place alongside the residents in eight facilities operated by the company, in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus and keep the elderly as safe as possible.

Week after week, this painstaking journey has been an intensely rich one, full of happy and sad moments. As residents themselves have said: “It hasn’t been a bed of roses all the time, but with goodwill, patience and determination, we will overcome this. Only when you do not have freedom, do you really miss it. When we had it, we never thought all this would happen. However, what is most important is that we are safe.”

Our facility managers and their staff, who have accompanied the elderly day by day with great altruism, compassion, engagement and professionalism, will surely remember these particular moments for as long as they live.

During this journey, they have had the possibility to take the company’s I Care values to the next level, by bringing them to life through constant care. Surely, this experience has changed them for the better, making them more aware of life in all its shapes and forms.

This could not have been possible without the great teamwork and unity of staff members, who all pulled on the same end of the rope, especially when tiring days took their toll.

Their special bond with the residents – listening to them, being there for them, being compassionate, doing little things that make a difference, touching their hand to console them, bringing a smile to their face, telling them it’s going to be alright – has filled all employees with extra courage to persevere with offering excellent care, especially during these strange times.

A resident at Casa Arkati, whose husband of 45 years passed away two weeks ago, summed it up in a few words: “They are looking after me hour by hour. I feel safe here.”

The week also ended on a positive note, with another resident – Concetta Fiteni – turning 100 on May 8. She was surrounded by her second family, all the team at Bormla Home, who celebrated her milestone birthday with a cake, balloons and a big party, which was enjoyed by all, including her family, who were outside the home waving, throwing her kisses and, best of all, seeing a big smile light up her face on this special day, meaning she was well and happy.

Compassion, professionalism, engagement. These are key values which make our organisation a cut above the rest.

May 4 – Healthy brunch at Villa Messina

It’s teatime at Bormla Home. Delicious, home-made sweets for all our residents.”

Happy birthday to Eva, a resident at Bormla Home, who today turns 93.

May 5 – Happy birthday to Mrs Pisani, resident at Casa San Paolo, and to Hannah Mae and Maritess, employees at Casa San Paolo.

Mother’s Day-themed crafts being prepared at Roseville


It’s drawing time at Bormla Home

May 6 – Such a beautiful day warrants for outdoor activities. Staying active at Casa San Paolo

A happy birthday to Violet, resident at Casa San Paolo, and Maria, resident at Zammit Clapp


May 7 – It’s bingo time at Zammit Clapp. Let’s win that house!

Bormla Home chef treating the residents to a live cooking pasta session. The pasta trio went down very well!

Happy birthday Mrs Fondacaro (Resident at Roseville)

Surprise multicultural event organised at Zammit Clapp

Sneak peek into Bormla Home… what’s going on so secretly? Shh… we will discover tomorrow!


May 8 – This is what the preparations were all about…a very special occasion! Happy 100th birthday Concetta. Bormla Home team are proud and humbled to be sharing this special day with you


May 9 – Happy birthday goes to Grace who resides at Roseville, Eduardo who resides at Casa San Paolo, and Myra a member of Zammit Clapp team. Best wishes!


May 10 – Happy birthday Josephine (Resident at Zammit Clapp)

Thank you Maria Cini for once again delighting our residents with your music! (Villa Messina)


Happy Mothers’ Day from Casa Arkati, Villa Messina, Zejtun Home, Zammit Clapp, Casa San Paolo, Casa Marija, Bormla Home and Roseville