As the second week of residential life for both our elderly and employees within the facilities comes to an end, our teams have begun to adjust to ‘a new life’, making the most of this unique experience – always with the residents’ best interests in mind. Today marks the beginning of the third week of the live-in.

We all fear for our loved ones, and, surely, we want the best for them. Even though we miss them physically – touching them, greeting them, hugging them and kissing them – this exercise has been undertaken to protect them against the virus, which we all hope won’t take very long to pass.

Meanwhile, this past week has been another eventful one for both elderly residents and our staff, full of exceptional moments spent in each other’s company, such as celebrating birthdays, dancing to a tune, singing a song, playing a favourite melody on the piano, eating something good, praying in solitude, showing love for one another, as well as the occasional lonely and uncertain feelings.

What every employee is doing throughout the day, whether they’re part of the kitchen team, front office, the housekeeping and maintenance departments, carers, nurses or managers, goes beyond their work remit. Caring for someone, especially in the present circumstances, has taken on a new meaning. It’s no longer a job but a vocation.

The elderly, on the other hand, are once again shining like stars on a dark and gloomy night. They are the protagonists. They deserve all our compassion. They are living day by day, some happier and jollier than others, while others oblivious to what is going on outside but, so far, healthy. This is the most important thing.

As precious life goes on, we do not have enough words to express our gratitude to our employees who, through compassion, continue to transmit messages of hope and positivity through what they do. The many pictures and videos being sent to us from within the homes, some of which we’re sharing on Facebook, will forever remain touching memories of these strange times we are going through.

The week started on a positive note. A number of much-awaited treats – extra clothing and long-life goods – were left outside all facilities on Tuesday by relatives in boxes and bags. These lovingly prepared items are always disinfected before entering the homes as a safety measure.

Those of you who missed the last drop-off, don’t worry, another one is being held on Thursday, April 2. Only long-life goods are allowed, so please no cooked food or fresh food items.

More drop-offs will follow. Notices are being posted on our Facebook page a few days in advance, to keep you informed.


Week 2 – Special moments

March 24 – Day 2 (Mr Calleja playing a song on the piano for his wife who celebrated her birthday, Villa Messina)

“Wow, how wonderfully sweet! Happy birthday Mrs Calleja. May God bless you both.”

“Happy birthday Luiga! Proset immense lil Harvey, talented wisq! God bless you.!

March 25 – Day 3 (a radiant Caterina proudly holding her birthday card, Roseville)

“God bless you Cathrina, aqtawli l-kurzita, Cathrina minn Birkirkara Main Street?”

“Happy birthday from Wales.”

“Happy birthday for a long time.”

(Double birthday celebrations, Christina and Gioacchino, and Carmenu Barbara, Casa Arkati)

“Happy birthday swty Giacchino and Christina. Take care till we see you again xxx.”

“Happy birthday. Two amazing residents. May God bless you now and always. Take care.”

“Happy birthday Sir. He is such a fine man. Stay blessed.”

(A bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a thank-you card in show of appreciation and gratitude to the live-in staff, Roseville)

“And how grateful we have to be. Not enough cards and messages to thank you. You took the decision at the right time.”

“Thank you for all the dedication and care you are giving to our loved ones. Most appreciated.”


March 26 – Day 4 (Keeping up with our culinary traditions, Villa Messina)

“Wow… yummy, yummy. Well done. God bless you all. Thanks for everything. Stay safe… praying for you all!”

“Yummy qaqocc. Thanks for everything. Stay safe.”

March 27, 28 and 29 – Days 5, 6 and 7 (A children’s perspective – support messages by children from MRC Middle School in Naxxar for our residents and teams)

“Hello dears, keep smiling and soon everything will be back to normal. Hope you are coping well with this situation. My family and I really wish you a good time at this moment and always.”

“Hi grannies, hope you’re doing well. At the moment I know it’s difficult not seeing your loved ones, but keep in mind that their not coming to see you is because they love you a lot, to keep you safe. Tell them to send you a tablet and tell your dedicated carer how to make a video call with your loved ones. Much love, Jayden xx.”

“To our elderly, be joyful with one another, always have faith in each other and finally, never give up as great times are upon us!”

(A happy birthday to Edith, senior carer at Roseville)

“Happy birthday, I miss you qalbi.”

“Happy birthday dear, thank you for your kindness and your hard work this moment.”

“To one of the heroes taking care of our relatives in CareMalta homes.”