Three managers from three CareMalta elderly homes – Roslynn Vella, Roberta Agius and Zvetlana Farrugia – are enrolling for the ‘Women in Leadership’ course by Learning Works, the Vassallo Group’s training arm.

Equivalent to an MQF Level 6 Award and accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, this one-year intensive course is being launched today, to coincide with International Women’s Day.

“The ‘Women in Leadership’ programme was an idea that had been brewing for some time,” Charlo Bonnici, CEO of Learning Works, said. “It was announced by Nazzareno Vassallo, chairman of the Vassallo Group, during last year’s International Women’s Day, a few days before the whole world turned upside down due to COVID-19. Learning Works took up the challenge and developed the idea into an MQF Level 6 blended project, meaning that the course is delivered mostly online but also includes a face-to-face seminar. It has been received so well that this encouraged us to start thinking about a second edition, which will kick off later this year,” he added.

“This new programme is yet another step towards offering more career advancement opportunities to all the women out there – not only within the Vassallo Group,” the group’s chairman, Nazzareno Vassallo, said.

“I have always been and still am a firm believer in the valuable contribution of women at all levels of society. Proof of this are the group’s high numbers of women in director and senior management positions. As a group, we will continue looking for ways to further encourage our women employees to find a better balance between personal life and work.

“Sixty per cent of our group’s workforce is made up of women. This is more meaningful when one considers that we started off with Vassallo Builders Ltd, a construction company dominated by men,” he added.

The biggest contributor to the Vassallo Group in terms of high women numbers is its subsidiary, CareMalta, with 80 per cent of its workforce being women.

Natalie Briffa Farrugia, CareMalta’s CEO and a shareholder of the Vassallo Group, said: “We’ve heard so much about encouraging the advancement of women in society. Through this new Women in Leadership course, the Vassallo Group is actually doing something to increase the numbers of women in decision-making positions. The programme is creating a path for more women to ultimately be able to reach their goals. This will not only benefit individual women but society in general.”

Ms Agius, manager at Casa Arkati in Mosta, said: “Over the years, the value of women in society has been high on the national agenda. This course is in line with the current movement for women to succeed as leaders within many spheres – political, entrepreneurial and social. It is intended to give participants the opportunity to reflect on their individual leadership skills, highlight special attributes and empower and enhance participants’ full use of women’s competitive advantages for the benefit of everyone involved.”

Ms Farrugia, manager at Casa San Paolo in Buġibba, said the course offered a journey of self-development, with its contents helping to identify herself as a leader and reflect on her management role.

“Leadership is the same for men and women, but this programme of studies focuses on encouraging women to dare and take up leading roles.”

Ms Vella said she looked forward to gaining additional knowledge and the soft skills which were essentially need in her current role as manager of Roseville in Attard.

“Managing an elderly home requires a blend of skills to understand the need of both the residents and their families, as well as to facilitate seamless interaction with staff. Apart from overseeing daily operations and ensuring the smooth running of the care home, the manager needs to be able to plan and forecast the resources required, hence acquiring further knowledge on budget and negotiation is pivotal.”

Conducted by Sandra Hermitage, who has been involved in the world of personal and professional development since 1988 and has a Master’s in Executive Coaching, the programme covers six modules.

Those interested may call/send a WhatsApp text on 79584200 or email Applicants may get up to 70 per cent of the fee back through the Get Qualified scheme.