A painting in soft pastels and acrylic artist ink, entitled ‘Tifkiriet’ (Memories) was unveiled at Roseville on December 9.

Borg’s work of art features a part of Roseville’s architecturally interesting facade, an elderly person sitting on a bench outside and a little girl with her dog.

What inspired the artist in the first place was the home’s facade. “But there’s more to Roseville. It is the elderly residents inside who bring it to life and make it complete. I also wanted to put across the idea that even as one ages, wonderful memories are still being created every day. Life does not stop with old age,” Borg said after the unveiling ceremony.

She added: “The idea of having an older person chatting to a girl is to bring out the importance of the inter-generational aspect and pets as therapy. Having elderly parents who are both in their 80s and not having been blessed with knowing my grandparents, as they both passed away before I was born, also hits close to home.”

Nazzareno Vassallo, chairman of the Vassallo Group, said the ZVART initiative celebrating the group’s 75th anniversary has served to adorn a number of its properties, thus promoting art and a sense of well-being during difficult times.