Travelling keeps you young

You don’t have to be in your twenties to hit the road, nor have a huge budget. Nowadays, with endless opportunities, travelling is available to anyone with itchy feet and a curious soul! There’s something about travelling and ticking things off our bucket lists that makes us feel young again. Leading provider of care for the elderly in Malta, CareMalta, share a few ways of how travelling can keep anyone at any age young.



Humans thrive on novelty, and what offers novelty more than travel? From new sights and smells to sounds and faces never heard or seen before, travelling offers the complete package. It temporarily frees us up from the complexities of our lives, relationships and routines, relieving us from everyday stressors. Travelling helps to rejuvenate our minds and bodies.


Awakens Our Inner Child

Travelling stokes our curiosity by providing new experiences. Being in a new land and not knowing quite what to expect takes us back to our childhood, where every day was a new adventure.


Educational Stimulation

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, learning new things stimulates the brain, which in turn, keeps us young. One of the best things about adulthood is the freedom to learn about things that truly interest you, not through a school textbook, but by getting out and seeing the world for ourselves. Venturing to new lands, therefore, feeds our brain with first-hand information about people, art, culture, language and of course, food.



Our routine lives tend to have us living in a bubble; interacting with the same people does not give our brains much stimulation. Travelling opens up opportunities to meet new people and bond over experiences and share different cultures.


Fun Exercise

Wandering around a new city or stepping into ancient stone ruins is not only fun, it also awakens those stiff muscles and burns calories without it feeling like an effort. Exercise has been proven to prevent disease and slow the aging process, so why not do it while surrounded by new sites?


Getting out of our comfort zone teaches us how to be independent, boosts our confidence and keeps us young and vibrant. You can learn and experience new things at any age, and travel is the perfect way of doing so. It has the power to enliven the senses, ignite inspiration and make us feel young again!


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