A ‘Coming Home’ seminar was held at the newly refurbished Villa Messina as part of a training & development programme aimed at strengthening the team and making all the members feel at home.   CareMalta’s CEO Mrs Natalie Briffa Farrugia welcomed everyone with an introductory speech and thanked them for attending.

Mrs Briffa Farrugia stated that: “Coming Home applies to both those who have been working here before the extensive refurbishment works started, as well as to those of you who are new to this home.  From today onwards this will be the home of both those who have already been here for a number of years as well of the new ones.”

“Coming Home is an opportunity for a fresh start.  We do not want a fresh start because what existed before was bad or wrong.  Indeed in all the years this home has been operating a lot of good work was done for the benefit of our residents.  However, renewal is necessary for us from time to time.  An opportunity to restart after a short break from this home is also an opportunity to grow, to change whatever did not work well the first time round, to strengthen the team that will be working here.”

Think Talent were entrusted with this programme to rekindle the team spirit and make participants become aware of the service values which inspire CareMalta in its mission in this field. Various team building tasks and games were organised for a number of groups to encourage teamwork, inclusion, interaction and participation.

CareMalta will soon be celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  Villa Messina was the second private home which CareMalta started operating in 1996 following the first private home Casa Arkati in 1993 while being the third home since CareMalta also took over Zejtun home in 1994.  Today, CareMalta operates 9 homes, takes care of over 1300 residents and employs over a 1000 employees.  Since the beginning CareMalta has proven its position as leaders in this sector and that is why it proudly carries the tagline, Leaders in Care!