When a team of people wakes up together, lives together, works together and sleeps together, it’s only natural that strong bonds form, new relationships are born while others strengthen even further.

This what our employees have experienced over the past 10 weeks, a hard but beautiful experience with each other and with their residents.

As the lockdown period is lifted, our aim is to continue protecting our vulnerable residents and to provide rules and regulations to maintain necessary infection control measures for all employees during their working hours in their respective facilities.

As this journey comes to an end – some team members have already left the facilities, a few others are leaving today – all those who took part have surely contributed to making the lives of our vulnerable elderly happier and safer. And this is no mean feat.

It was tough at the very beginning, as the challenges were many, but being in this together has proven that a burden shared is often a burden halved. All the teams worked hand in hand, all for one and one for all, in the best interests of the residents.

The end of the lockdown period signifies another phase during these difficult times of social distancing – one during which we still need to strive to ensure the safety of all our residents, and this is what we intend to do.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, the company was the first to take precautionary measures by sending 841 employees to live alongside the elderly in its homes.

This was a huge project from beginning to end, starting with the management team, who worked tirelessly and were immensely supportive, taking the necessary decisions to implement their plan, to the ‘invisible’ work of so many people who lent a hand to make this happen and, last but definitely not least, to the real protagonists of this journey – those many dedicated individuals who didn’t think twice about leaving their families and loved ones in order to accompany the residents on this difficult journey, persevering till the very end.

This past week has been a week of goodbyes for some of our staff. It was emotional to see some of them leave and reunite with their loved ones whom they hadn’t physically seen in a long time.

Some moved into the homes on their own, leaving their husbands and children, others lived alongside the residents as a family to be together, while a few others continued to perform their work notwithstanding personal problems that cropped up along the way.

This is our story – a story about special people living special, unforgettable moments.

Our journey together reminds me of a patchwork quilt, woven by different people. Each piece of cloth, in different designs, colours and textures, creates an end product that is mismatched but truly unique.

Each diverse individual along this journey has left a mark on a massive patchwork quilt woven with love. All the parts, when put together, produce one big, meaningful experience for all.


May 18 –Crafts time at Bormla Home

It’s always time for ice cream! Casa Marija residents enjoying a mouthwatering ice cream, refreshing during this warm weather

May 19 – So many birthdays at Zammit Clapp. Happy birthday to our residents Imelda and Margot and Happy Birthday to our team members Adriana, Vlad and Katarina

Happy birthday Carmela (May 19) and to Filomena and Geralda (residents at Casa San Paolo) – May 20

May 20 – Its a spa morning at Casa San Paolo… let’s get some pampering done!

A scrumptious high tea thoroughly enjoyed by our residents at Villa Messina

Happy birthday to Lucy, from Bormla Home; and Gina, team member at Zammit Clapp


May 21

Happy birthday to Joe, team member at Zammit Clapp

Happy birthday to Lysette who resides at Roseville and to Tintu, team member of Casa San Paolo

May 23 – As the live-ins are reaching an end and we are preparing for a new normal as from next Monday, all facilities are organising their closure events in their own special way. Thank you Zejtun Home team… you shined!

Crafts at Bormla Home

A special cultural event organised by Casa San Paolo for the residents. Well done team… keep shining

May 24 – It’s milkshakes and pancakes extravaganza at Zammit Clapp… closing our live-ins on a sweet note. Well done and thank you Zammit Clapp team. Keep shining!

Happy birthday goes to Joe, resident at Roseville; Rita, resident at Zejtun Home; Maryanne, Roseville team member and Martin, Zammit Clapp team member.

We cannot let this day go by without thanking another special team, CaterEssence. We would not have done this without you. Thank you for all the lunches, dinners, birthday cakes, pastries, treats and the countless requests you received from all us and always accommodated. Much respect!

More events this afternoon for our residents (featuring Roseville and Zejtun Home)