CareMalta organized a Role Change Day Event where management took on various roles to experience and appreciate everyone’s position within the company while also understanding the importance of each and every individual.

CareMalta’s CEO Natalie Briffa Farrugia, facility managers and top management took on this challenging day with a smile and spent the day carrying out their different duties with all the challenges involved.

Mrs Natalie Briffa Farrugia highlighted that “Role change day at Caremalta is one of the best days in our calander or events.  For me it is the opportunity for us as management team to get a hands on experience at the different role we have within our different facilities.

In our manager’s meeting we do the polls – so everyone knows the facility in which he/she will be assigned to and what role.  On the day we all punch in the respective home, ready to do the respective role.

It gives us a chance to be with the people, feel their emotions, carry a part of their burden and treasure the moments of living the moment with all.  The staff are always enthused to see us in the different gear – not the normal blazer but the polo shirt or the aprons.  It gives them a sense of encouragement that know we can know exactly what they go though so everyone is ready to pour out their  load of the job.  Likewise they are also that willing to share the joys and satisfaction of their job.

The greatest part of it is the opportunity just to be there with our clients – time stops, emails vanish – it is just a moment of you and the person.  My day was filled with spontaneous – I love you – as it was Valentine’s Day.  The touch of my hand, the moment of being there goes beyond dementia, beyond old age, beyond any other thing – it just meets the resident heart to heart.   A very special Valentine’s day indeed.”

Mr James Sciriha, CareMalta’s Director of Finance spent his day working as a kitchen assistant at Casa San Paolo. His feedback was that “ In these circumstances you are exposed to what the employees go through on a day to day basis, from the challenges they face to the positive aspects. In my circumstance I happened to know the Cook so it made it easier. You get exposure also to what actually happens in all the other departments. It is also very positive for the employees to see the Management getting their hands dirty and help out. What I liked most was the fact that the employees open up and try to deliver the message about the difficulties they face. This was a very nice and positive experience for me as now I have a better insight of Casa San Paolo and its operational difficulties.”

Other Managers took on various roles from the Laundry Department, Reception, Active Ageing Facilitator, Care Assistants and Cleaners.

All the participants had positive comments about the event as it turned out to be a great success.