Being valued and emotional well-being is extremely important for CareMalta Group, something that I have experienced over many years.  Providing care to others can be emotionally challenging and it’s important to ensure that we are taking care of our emotional well-being to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients.

I started my journey with the Group in 1997. I always had an interest in working in the care sector and my experience as a student at Casa Arkati motivated me to start working as a part-time care assistant. After 2 years, the Group felt the need to create a new tier- that of Senior Care Assistants. I was among the first 4 SCAs within the Group. A couple of years later, a new role was put together, that of Care Ambassador where I was to ensure that the carers got adequate training.

With the opening of a new elderly facility in 2011, came the new role of Lead Carer, once again a post I was the first to hold. In 2015 I joined the team at Villa Messina as their Assistant Facility Manager followed by the promotion to Facility Manager during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the years I had the opportunity to be part of many individuals’ lives, but one can’t omit the difficult time the Covid-19 pandemic made us go through. For their safety, our residents were unable to see their relatives, and staff members chose to leave their families to ensure a safe environment for all. Ensuring that we were providing not only a safe environment but also a pleasurable one to our residents during such time is surely not easy but seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and the joy in their eyes gave us the push to continue and make this huge sacrifice worth it.

Today, as a facility manager at Roseville, I face new challenges that will help me grow further within the CareMalta Group. We strive to ensure that all our facilities offer the joy, safety, and comfort of a natural home. This not only provides a wonderful environment for our residents but also a fantastic working environment for the team.