I have been employed with CareMalta since 2003 and after all these years, the company, its values, and vision, still give me a sense of belonging, something that keeps me motivated to learn and do more within the company. Back then, I had decided to work with CareMalta because it posed a great opportunity at the right place and at the right time.

After 7 years, as Care Assistant at Casa Arkati, I had a 2-year experience as a Senior Care Assistant at Roseville residence, and later as a Lead Care Assistant at both Roseville and Żejtun Home, where I was responsible for the care department. During the same period, I was engaged as a Training and Development officer for another year. Following this experience, I was appointed again as a Lead Care Assistant at Żejtun Home.

In October 2020, I started my journey as Assistant Facility Manager at the Żejtun Home and in July 2021 joined Casa Arkati as an Assistant Facility Manager. It was then in May 2022 that I was appointed as Facility Manager at Żejtun Home and in 2023 I moved to Casa Arkati as Facility Manager.

Like many of my colleagues, the live-in that we were part of due to the Covid-19 pandemic will forever remain my favourite memory of CareMalta. It was a time that put our values at the centre of everything: Quality, Safety, Integrity, Development, and Dignity. Nonetheless, the challenges that were faced due to the coronavirus pandemic were the biggest challenge I have ever encountered during my career because there was the fear of the unknown but knowing that all was done to safeguard our residents’ health, I feel proud to have been part of it.

CareMalta Group has also offered me the opportunity to further my studies. I have read several courses offered by CareMalta, and others through different institutions and recently I finished my studies at the University of Malta, within the Faculty of Social Wellbeing in Geriatrics and Gerontology. This proves how the company believes in training as being crucial for its employees to progress in their careers whilst obtaining experience on the job.

Working in the care sector is not easy, one needs to be patient, sensitive, and dedicated but if you put the resident at the core of everything then things will fall right in their place. Not to mention the constant sense of achievement knowing that what you do will leave the resident’s dignity intact.

Some might argue that working for a company for a very long time is not healthy but with CareMalta Group, it is never the case because it gives its employees room for growth, and you feel challenged to always do better. Ultimately, I know that by working with CareMalta Group, I am part of a family, that provides quality service, with a vision in mind and is a leader in care.