Rosanne Triganza and Daniela Farrugia are an amazing duo who work in the kitchen at Villa Messina, with Rosanne being the Head Chef and Daniela her assistant. They started working together at Zammit Clapp Home, nine years ago. At the time Rosanne had already been working with CareMalta for three years. They both feel that their relationship goes beyond being great colleagues.

“I feel proud to have Daniela as part of my team at Villa Messina’s kitchen. I remember that a year ago when I was contacted by the management that my services were needed at Villa Messina, which meant that I had to leave Zammit Clapp Home, Daniela’s parents were informed as well and since my relationship with Daniela grew strong, they expressed their wish to have their daughter transferred together with me”.

Both Rosanne and Daniela chose to work not only in the catering sector but specifically in the elderly care sector. Daniela believes that she was given this opportunity by CareMalta to do something great for others, that is being part of a team that prepares the daily meals and snacks for the residents. “I feel a certain joy when I peek out at the dining room and see the residents enjoying their meals”, says Daniela.

Rosanne describes Daniela as a very determined and motivated woman. “Now that we work at Villa Messina, we cater to a larger number of residents, which is a bigger challenge but somehow Daniela manages to embrace a challenge that can help her grow and she knows I am there to support her through every step of the way”.

For Daniela working with Rosanne is inspiring apart from having someone teaching her tricks of the trade. “I like everything about Rosanne and working with her is always fun for me because she is always pushing my boundaries to help me grow and develop more. She even gives me specific tasks when it comes to major events that are organised at Villa Messina, such as the annual BBQ for all the residents. I must say that it is not easy but with Rosanne’s help I always manage to accomplish my tasks”.

They both agree that working in a kitchen can be stressful at times but together with the rest of the team they strive to work hard every single day to provide optimal food quality for the residents.