brain stimulation in the elderly

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but the same is true for our brain. As the human brain changes with age; synapses fire more slowly, some cells die off and the overall mass of the organ shrinks. And just like any other muscle, the brain can be strengthened with use. Studies have shown that any brain stimulation in the elderly may not only stave off brain degeneration, but can also reverse memory loss and improve mental agility.

CareMalta – leading providers in elderly homes in Malta share a few tips on ways of stimulating the brain – best of all, they can be done at any age:


1. Master a new skill

Learning something new stimulates brain activity, but once the particular skill is mastered, the brain becomes more efficient at it. Therefore, the only way to continue stimulating the brain is to give it new challenges. Learning a language, playing chess or a musical instrument are ideal as individuals can always push themselves with the next level of difficulty.


2. Stimulating senses

Shopping at a farmer’s market and gardening are great examples of activities that utilise all of our senses. And since many of CareMalta’s elderly homes are surrounded by beautiful gardens, they are the best retirement homes Malta has to offer!


3. Do things without technology

Doing things the ‘hard way’ requires not relying on technology. Use your brain instead of your smartphone for spelling, mathematical calculations and other such basic mental skills.


4. Socialise with a range of people

Connecting with others involves a range of interactions, and socialising with people who have different interests, careers or cultural backgrounds opens you up to new perspectives and ideas, which in turn stimulates mental growth.


5. Physical exercise

Moving the body demands a lot from the brain. Even light exercise activates countless neurons which coordinate muscle contractions, vision, balance and all of complex bodily interactions. Physical exercise can keep your brain healthy at any age and may even prevent diseases such as dementia.


Therefore, the key is regular exercise; both physical and mental. In fact, without stimulation, our minds can become as out of shape as our non-exercised bodies. Our trained staff at CareMalta are dedicated to providing a holistic service to the residents in all our elderly homes in Malta, which includes organising activities for brain stimulation in the elderly within a safe environment. No matter which of the eight retirement homes in Malta you opt for, you can put your mind at rest that your loved one will be in good hands.


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