On Sunday, October 1st, CareMalta Group, marked the International Day for Older Persons with a procession that commenced from Nicolo Isouard Street, winding its way through the streets of Mosta, leading to the magnificent Basilica of Sta. Marija Assunta. This symbolic journey emphasized the significance of older persons in our society, underlining the respect and honor they deserve.

At the Basilica of Sta. Marija Assunta, a mass was celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi. The mass was a touching tribute to the older residents from various CareMalta facilities, who were joined by clients of HILA – a heartwarming celebration during which people from different walks of life and backgrounds, came together to celebrate the day that honors their wisdom, experience, and contributions.

This year’s celebration took on even greater significance as CareMalta Group is celebrating its 30th Anniversary – three decades of excellence in elderly care. Established in 1993, CareMalta Group has consistently set industry standards and has been a pioneer in providing the best care services to older persons.

Sunday‚Äôs celebration not only highlighted the importance of recognizing and respecting our older citizens but also showcased CareMalta Group’s vision of a society where the elderly are valued, cherished, and provided with the highest standards of care and support.

The event was made possible by the CareMalta Group Activities Committee, who planned every detail to make the celebration a memorable one ensuring the comfort and happiness of older persons in their care.

CareMalta Group extends also a special thank you to the Nicolo Isouard Band, whose melodious tunes accompanied the procession creating an unforgettable atmosphere.