A painting by landscape watercolourist Diane Agius Calleja was unveiled at Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellieħa as part of the Nazzareno Vassallo Art (ZVART) initiative, launched by the Vassallo Group to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Retrieved Nostalgia is the fourth work of art commissioned by CareMalta. A sculpture by Wallace Falzon, The Heart Giver, was unveiled in March at the group’s head office in Mosta, followed by Red Pillar Box, an oil on canvas by Jessica Debattista, at Casa Arkati and three paintings in watercolour and acrylic mixed media by Joseph Baldacchino, entitled Nostalgia of Żejtun, at the Żejtun Home.

Group chairman Nazzareno Vassallo, accompanied by Pio Vassallo, the group’s CEO, and Natalie Briffa Farrugia, CEO of CareMalta, said he was honoured to unveil yet another beautiful work of art in the ZVART series, this time reminiscent of days gone by in Mellieħa. Members of the ZVART committee, chaired by Charlo Bonnici, were also present.

The scene features a little square, part of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieħa and four residents from Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellieħa captured sitting and strolling around. The residents are Mary Scerri, Alfred Muscat, Emily Agius and John Mary Galea, who were at the launch.

“Inspired by the tranquillity, history and natural beauty of this location, my aim was to create a pleasant nostalgic memory of this peaceful place,” said Agius Calleja, who enjoys plein-air painting around Malta and Gozo. “Although a challenge in many ways, painting outdoors is certainly exciting and rewarding. I love all things creative and always look forward to my next work of art.”

Retrieved Nostalgia is the artist’s first ever painting for a care home. “I painted it especially for this occasion and was delighted at the opportunity given to me through the group’s ZVART initiative.”

Ms Agius Calleja is a self-taught artist who tries to depict life’s natural wonders from her own perspective, paying special attention to light and atmosphere.