Valentine’s Day is another great time of year to express our love for others, especially older persons in care.

For some, it is a way to beat the blues, or it could serve as a sad reminder of a love who has passed away or whose strength is gradually diminishing. For others, on the other hand, it is the perfect occasion to celebrate yet another happy year spent with a loved one.

Whatever the meaning, everyone deserves to be happy on such a positive day. With this in mind, on February 14 CareMalta will be hosting a number of couples – from the nine facilities it operates – to a morning of love, joy and merriment at the Mellieha home for the elderly.

Mellieha facility manager Amanda Tonna said: “The event serves to bring everyone together to spend quality time in the company of family and friends. After all, this is our mission every day – not only to offer our residents the very best in care but to love them dearly and really make them feel at home.”

Couples, whether accompanied by family or friends, better halves or carers, will be the main protagonists on the day. They will make a grand entrance on a red carpet laid especially for the occasion and then receive all the attention they deserve.

The event is popular with couples under CareMalta’s care. Some residents prepare for the big event way before the actual day, while others make it a point to attend to be able to catch up with their friends or loved ones from other homes.

It is also a special date for all home managers, nurses, carers and their teams, who make that extra effort so that elderly residents in their care enjoy every single second of this day. Seeing the residents having a good time gives them more pride in the admirable work they carry out.

A lavish lunch will be served on the day, during which couples can take the time to sit down with their loved ones and fondly reminisce about the love of their life. Some pull out photos and love letters, while others recount vivid memories and share them.

Love tokens are placed at each dining table for couples and guests to read through – wise words about love and companionship. Red, heart-shaped balloons and ribbons will fill the Mellieha home with romantic vibes.

There will also be a photo booth for the happy couples who wish to have their picture taken, as well as a boxful of props for those wanting to have some fun.