A series of fire awareness training sessions are being held for all CareMalta employees in a bid to equip them with the necessary skills to be able to handle an emergency situation if the need arises.

Martin Bondin, health and safety manager of the Vassallo Group, of which CareMalta forms part, said: “The safety and well-being of both our residents, as well as our staff, are very important to us. There is always a slight risk of a fire, even more so now that a larger number of residents are remaining inside elderly homes since they cannot go out due to the pandemic.”

The three-hour sessions, which are based on both theory and practice, are being conducted by Mr Bondin. The training is focusing on various topics in connection with fire emergency situations, such as fire awareness in residential homes, how to identify hazards, ensuring that employees have a know-how of basic fire equipment, the importance of raising the fire alarm and incident reporting, which stresses the importance of identifying a hazard and then reporting it.

“With training taking place on site, the fire awareness sessions are tailor-made to suit each elderly home and its respective employees. The aim is to cover all aspects of fire awareness and to reach all employees within the CareMalta Group,” Mr Bondin pointed out.