Josephine Borg, a former nurse, has her mother, Paula Cilia, 90 years old, residing at Casa San Paolo. Together with her husband Manuel, Josephine does not simply involve herself in her mother’s care, but she also volunteers in helping when the facility organises certain events.

“My mother is so happy to the extent that she views the facility as her home. For me that gives me great satisfaction and I feel that I need to give more than my mother is receiving and that is why I work as a volunteer during activities organised by Casa San Paolo. This gives me a lot of satisfaction since I know that I am doing something that is helping others.

During the interview, Josephine mentioned how her mother managed to build relations with other residents and how events organised at the facility helped her to socialise more. One major event that takes place at Casa San Paolo and is a popular event is Festa Rħula, an annual summer event that brings so many memories to the residents, of the traditional Maltese “festa” that every locality celebrates in Malta and Gozo. Each year Nicolo’ Isouard Band Club, Mosta visits Casa San Paolo, and this makes the event a truly festive evening for all the residents.

“Even though I have my own health challenges, I visit my mother whenever I can and when I am not with her, I know I have nothing to worry about because I know she is in safe hands. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, I knew she was in caring hands. It was difficult to accept that we could not see our loved ones, but we knew that it was for their own safety. After all, it was not a situation that the facility wished for because I know that they encourage family members and friends to get involved in their loved ones’ care”.

Josephine Borg ended her interview by stating that CareMalta would be her and her husband’s choice if they ever need long-term care because, through her mother’s experience, she has proof that, love, attention, and professional care are what she would receive.