Officially opened in August 1996, Villa Messina is situated in the heart of Rabat, alongside the picturesque priory of St Dominic’s. This private home is conveniently close to the historical city of Mdina on one side and the sprawling countryside of Buskett and Dingli on the other.

Following a major refurbishment project in May 2017, its original capacity was increased to 218 persons in 104 rooms and all floors, front office desk, kitchen, chapel and activities room were extensively renovated.

At Villa Messina there is a High Dependency Unit, as well as a special Dementia Care Unit, offering professional care to a special segment of residents who need focused attention and dedication. Villa Messina offers spacious living units, all of which have a balcony.

The group truly believes in quality care which respects the resident’s dignity, encourages development, promotes safety and ensures that all team members provide a service with the highest integrity.

“These five core values are ingrained in everything we do and the services we offer, especially through our in-house ICare training programme,” says the group’s CEO, Natalie Briffa Farrugia.

“Being passionate about offering the best to our residents is not only reflected in our vision, philosophy and values but through the actions of our staff on a daily basis. We take pride in treating all our residents as individuals, listening to their comments and wishes about the running of the care home, as we recognise that it is their home.”

CareMalta also welcomes visitors into its homes, as well as encourages family members and friends to get involved in their loved ones’ care and become part of the care home’s life.

Interested? A step-by-step process

• Upon receiving an enquiry, the manager or assistant manager invites the interested individual/ family for a show round, for better visibility and understanding of the operation at Villa Messina.

• The tour, consisting of a visit to the chapel, garden and available bed or room for use, can be done by the relative first, followed by a second show round by the resident together with the relative.

• The person making the enquiry can then discuss the case with the relative and, should they like what they see, the management proceeds with the admission.

• With the current COVID-19 situation, the resident will be asked to take a swab test and, once the home receives a negative result, admission is granted.

• A relative may accompany the resident, in order to ensure a smooth transition. However, a COVID-19 test must also be taken by the relative for maximum safety.

• Throughout the entire process, constant contact is kept with the relative and care staff. Relatives are encouraged to follow CareMalta’s Facebook page, in order to see their relatives engaged during activities held within the home.

• Daily rates cover accommodation on a full-board basis, linen change as necessary, laundry of personal clothes and 24-hour nursing. The services of a family doctor, podiatrist, phlebotomist and physiotherapist are considered as extras.

• All rooms are air-conditioned, have an en-suite bathroom, telephone, Wi-Fi, TV connection and a nurse call. Activities, organised on a very regular basis, are included in the daily rate.

• Call for an appointment with the facility manager, Nicolette Sant, on +356 7978 6880 ( m), or the assistant facility manager, Karina Debono, on +356 7978 6881. For more information, visit villa-messina/.