Josette Zammit, 76, of Gozo, resident at Casa Arkati

“I have been here for more than three years. I moved after I needed surgery for a slip disc I suffered, and then stayed on with my husband Carmelo, who passed away during the pandemic. We had been married for 45 years. The only thing I missed during the lockdown was not being able to go and visit him in hospital. But the management arranged for a special permit to go and visit him – two days before he passed away.

“I then had to spend two weeks in my room under quarantine. I attended my husband’s funeral, wore a protective mask and, taking all the necessary precautions, everything went well. The staff here are looking after me hour by hour. They try to involve me in as many activities as possible.

“I’m knitting 160 small flowers in different colours to give as gifts to the residents on Mother’s Day. This helps me keep busy. I say the rosary for residents every day in the reception area. It’s a difficult time for me and this pandemic doesn’t help.

“I try not to stay in my room all day. In fact, I’m trying to talk to the residents or the staff, as this keeps me going. My husband and I were always together, we were never separated and extremely close.

“We are taken care of here. It’s useless worrying about the virus. All the necessary precautions have been taken and everybody feels safe. My aunt spent 17 years here, at Casa Arkati. That’s why I chose it to be my home.”


Joe and Betty Formosa, 82 and 75, of Mosta, residents at Casa Arkati

‘Nothing much has changed in our lives. We are very happy and settled here’


“We decided to move to Casa Arkati three-and-a-half years ago. We sold our house and only kept the car.

“Nothing much has changed in our lives. We are very happy and settled here at the home. Having had no children, we just miss going out by car, especially on the weekend. Prior to the coronavirus, we often used to drive all the way to Bugibba, stop for lunch or dinner somewhere or walk along the promenade.

“We also used to walk to the Mosta square every day, do some shopping and then stop for coffee or tea. We’re quite active and make it a point to exercise every day.

“If this pandemic persists, we will need to be careful and stay safe, since we are vulnerable.”