hearing loss

Hearing loss affects senior citizens in a number of ways, both physically and emotionally. It can range from moderate to severe, resulting from illness, certain medications or exposure to loud noises over a long period of time. When it comes to care for the elderly in Malta, our team at CareMalta are leading experts – listed below are a few suggestions as to how we can improve life for our loved ones who suffer from hearing difficulties.


1. Work on your communication skills

Having a conversation with someone who cannot hear clearly can be trying, so be as patient as you can and remain calm throughout. Before you begin speaking to the person, use their name to get their attention. Let them know when you’re about to change topic, and keep your mouth uncovered to make lipreading easier. Always maintain eye contact so that they can follow visual cues such as facial expressions and body gestures. Above all, keep a sense of humour and smile!


2. Invest in a hearing aid

We are fortunate to be living in a time when technology is constantly being updated in ways to make our lives easier, particularly for those who have physical impairments. A good quality hearing aid can make it easier to cope with noisy environments. Bear in mind that assistive technology can take some time to get used to; consulting an audiologist can make the process smoother and helps the person accept the need for a hearing aid.


3. Get an evaluation from a hearing specialist

For a thorough examination and a professional opinion, make an appointment with a hearing specialist. They can determine the need for aural devices such as hearing aids, along with providing a full medical diagnosis to pinpoint or rule out any conditions that may be affecting the ear canals.


4. Help them make positive life changes

Due to feelings of isolation that hearing loss can cause, those afflicted are more likely to take up harmful habits such as smoking or excessive drinking. Encourage them to do more exercise to pass the time, and make sure that they don’t feel lonely – recent studies have discovered that there is a strong link between mental health and hearing loss.


Finding a retirement home in Malta for a loved one isn’t always easy; however, CareMalta has maintained a reputation over the years for a service that is holistic, caring and attentive. Our staff are fully trained and qualified, offering dedicated and professional care. Contact us today for more information, and ask about any of our nine elderly homes in Malta.

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